After-School Elementary Program Teacher – Rewarding job, Flexible schedule, Fun, and People-focused


No prior chess knowledge is needed!

One of the reasons The Knight School's revolutionary approach is exploding across America is because we understand that the best chess teachers are educators that understand chess, not chess experts that try to educate. The Knight School has perfected a system to help exceptional teachers become exceptional chess teachers, regardless of whether or not they have ever played chess before applying.

The Company: Kids are central to everything we do in The Knight School, and everything is oriented toward them. The Knight School doesn’t just focus on the top 1% of kids like traditional chess classes. Instead, our party-based, kid-focused, high-octane approach focuses on all kids, and it completes the perfect childhood by helping kids grow in sportsmanship, character, and self-identity as very smart people. It instills a confidence that leads to classroom success and remains for life.

Our fun and exciting environment gives you the opportunity to make a difference for the kids in your community.
Our tactical approach is revolutionary, unprecedented, and devastating, and we have won over 20 State Championships and counting. At the same time, we unapologetically put sportsmanship first, fun second, and chess prowess third.

The Position: We’re looking for an assistant School Coach with a genuine love for kids, strong integrity and character, a highly gregarious and professional personality, a love for laughter, and a valid driver’s license.

We offer the opportunity to get paid well for working with people while making a positive difference in the community and having fun doing it.

Work with and teach chess to kids by following our trademarked and perfected national curriculum that guides children all the way from learning the names of the chess pieces to mastery.

The Schedule: Your choice of weekday afternoons.

Why Should You Apply?

Work with kids and make a positive impact on future generations.
Enjoy a fun and professional atmosphere.
Earn a great income.
No prior chess knowledge is needed.
Choose your own schedule.
Take part in The Knight School’s excellent class engagement and management training.
Genuinely love your job.
Help spread The Knight School’s addictive, revolutionary approach to chess class to every child in every corner of America.

How to Apply:

Type this in your search bar: ------------/employment

Pay: $16-18 per hour (raises, promotions, and bonuses possible)

Job Type: Part-time