Seeking Part-time Digitization Trainees
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New York, NY, USA
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Seeking Part-time Digitization Trainees


We are a boutique digitization studio specializing in capturing the stories of our client's lives--excited to train artistically minded, technologically capable, emotionally intuitive candidates with a passion for photography and storytelling. Experience is not as important as a great attitude, a willingness to learn, and a sense of humor.

Here's who we're looking for:

Your Mentality:

You connect to the emotional core of people and ideas with ease. You find joy in understanding complex systems, relishing the discovery of simple ways to engage and describe the nuances therein. You can repeat similar actions without becoming easily bored or exhausted and revel in the unexpected & straightforward ways to spark happiness.

Your Technology Stack:

You are comfortable with Adobe Suite, especially with Photoshop. You're proficient with Windows and familiar with macOS. Your understanding of analog photographic techniques or IT/Networking is a huge plus!

Your Character:

You fulfill your promises, are punctual, honest, and give credit where it's due. You're mindful, seek to manifest humility, and admit when you're wrong. You offer to help when it's needed, treat others with respect, are charitable and patient. (Moreover, these embody our character too.)

If you were working for us, here are some of the things you would have done last week:

• Assisted in curating a selection of key photographs from a digital archive of 3000
• Counted and cataloged material from a family's collection of 12 photo albums
• Organized our shelving and updated databases to reflect changes
• Created a photobook telling a compelling story, connecting with those elements
of a collection most likely to strike an emotional chord with our client,
finding a theme of yellow-piped birthday cakes, new bicycles,
and Winnie-the-Pooh
• Collected all used microfiber cloths from workstations to send for cleaning
• Color corrected 148 35mm slides
• Assisted in artfully photographing the intake of a new order for posting on social media

Here are some other things you might do:

• Setup or breakdown computers
• Fill in on some basic customer service/support if the team is short
• Help organize and setup furniture to facilitate growth
• Data entry (metadata and administrative)

What you get:

A sunfilled urban-industrial environment, working with a core team dedicated to teaching you the skills to succeed in this field. Easy to understand goals, with a streamlined path to growth and success. Communication, communication, communication--we can't emphasize this enough, as it's vital to our mutual prosperity.

Your schedule:

You'll work part-time and commit to a minimum of 18 hours over three 6 hour shifts (potentially more, if desired).

How you're compensated:

You'll begin your training at a starting rate of $15/hour, and we'll bring you up to $16.50 by the end of your 3rd month (with incremental goal-based raises in-between), culminating in a $250 bonus at the end of the 4th month. At six months, you'll earn $17 and up to $17.50 at twelve. Most importantly, you are the beneficiary of our desire and motivation to help you reach these milestones!

In addition, should your journey bring you on as a full-time technician, we offer PTO, holiday pay, year-end bonuses, and non-compulsory overtime opportunities compensated at 1.5x.

In closing:

This is an opportunity to learn invaluable skills while helping families reunite with their most cherished memories, in addition to honing your organizational and aesthetic abilities.

How to apply:

We will only evaluate candidates located in the NYC area. For consideration, please:

• Attach your resume in pdf or doc format.
• Using ten words or fewer, describe your most recent photograph (the camera roll
on your cellphone will suffice).
• Describe a photograph that resonates with you (anyone's work, yours included)
in ten or more words.