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Sales Professional

Bachelor's (Required)

Sales Experience: 5 years (Required)

English (Required)

Driver's License (Required)

Full Job Description
iSAFE Sales Guidelines

We always under promise and over deliver. Always strive to exceed customer expectations. It is far better to leave out a feature or benefit, than a fee. It is ALWAYS better to overestimate fees, and bill for less than what was quoted. It is always better to show up early than late.

Always be completely transparent with the customer. Always do what you say you will do, and more. We publish our pricing on our web site because there is no special pricing apart from negotiated discounts (We don’t charge extra just because we think you can afford it). We are also confident that our competitors cannot compete with our pricing.

Always dress professionally, smell good, have good breath, and respect personal space.
Roles and Responsibilities
As a commission-based sales representative, you are responsible for following up with the leads assigned to you the quantity of which will be based upon the number of hours you are available to work.

You are encouraged to find and contact your own leads as well and follow up with those leads to close the sale. Attending networking events such as chamber meetings, and other industry conferences are a great way to develop relationships and build recognition what will make selling much easier.

As you know, success in sales is all about the numbers. It is recommended that each salesperson make at least 60 contacts per day in order to meet their goals.

Each salesperson is expected to close a minimum of $1500 in monthly RMR within the first 60 days, and $3000 in monthly RMR every 60 days thereafter.

Annual and Bi-Annual training and contract renewals are a great time to add additional services or acquire projects for additional customers. Each salesperson will work with the customer each year to renew their contracts, and attend other in person meetings to build relationships with those customers.
Target Markets
Our primary target market for managed services products are small to medium sized businesses with 10 or more computers who’s disposition regarding technology is that they just want it to work for their business while maintaining the security and reliability of their data, and conforming to state and local government and organizational requirements.


A base salary will be provided at $200/week or $10,400/year. In addition, this position will be compensated by commissions on re-occuring income collected each month based upon the following table.

Complete Managed Services

15% of MRR Collected (Based on Full Price)

VoIP Services

10% of MRR Collected (Based on Full Price)

Enhanced Anti-Virus Service

10% of MRR Collected (Based on Full Price)

Web Design & Marketing

10% of MRR or Sale Collected

Projects & Hourly & Breakfix

10% of Service Sale Collected


No commission – usually no profit

All employees also participate in profit sharing currently estimated at 0.10 of annual profits divided by the number of employees. This estimation will become a much more complex calculation once the company grows past 5 employees, and seniority and other factors will come into consideration.

Commissions will be based on collected funds using cash based accounting. Contracts that expire without being renewed, and contracts that do not pay, will not be included in the salespersons compensation. On the last business day of each month, commissions will be calculated based on the income received that month. Checks will be distributed by Friday of the following week.

If the salesperson leaves the organization, or fails to meet minimum quota’s for a period of 6 months, contract renewals and subsequent RMM commission payments will revert back to the company, or the succeeding sales representative.

Job Type: Part-time

Pay: $10,400.00 - $211,207.00 per year


Monday to Friday
Supplemental Pay:

Commission pay

Bachelor's (Required)

Sales Experience: 5 years (Required)

English (Required)

Driver's License (Required)
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Fully Remote
On the road
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Team Lead
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