Pool Monitor
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Henderson, NV, USA
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Pool Monitor

Full-time, 8 hour shifts from May to September.

The Pool monitor is just that, a monitor. You ensure that only the appropriate people are entering the aquatics facility at any given time. This is done by checking ALL registrations and names of all people entering the pool area. As the season progresses, you will get to know the regular pool users. Even when becoming familiar with the regular guests, they will still need to verify their reservation when entering the pool area. The monitor must ensure that all persons shower before entering the water.

It is the monitor's job to keep order in the pool area, to be polite, firm and consistent. The monitor should use his or her best judgment and common sense, to enforce the pool rules to be best of your abilities. If someone complains or tries to cause a scene, the monitor must not argue; simply refer them to the On-site Manager. Then write up an Incident Report in your Swan Portal. The account should include names, addresses, time and nature of the incident and any pertinent facts that you can think of.

We want to maintain a clean, attractive pool. Monitors must help by performing the following duties:

Perform morning, day and/or closing procedures, depending on the schedule and hours.
Monitor all activity on the aquatics deck, pool and aquatics locker rooms/bathrooms and report any suspicious activity to the Supervisor.
Greet and check-in visitors and answer questions, this may include following the Guidelines on working with the public during Covid-19
Monitor and politely remind patrons entering the pool of Social Distancing/PPE Procedures
Observe that the Property and Pool Rules are followed. When a Rule isn't followed, work with the violator to remind them of the Rules and ask for compliance. Any further violation of the Rule should be reported to the Supervisor. Pool Monitors do Not do any enforcement themselves.
Fill out an Incident Report for any accident, Rule violation requiring action and any safety concern.
The handicapped pool chair lift can only be used by disabled people. Instructions for use are on the side of the lift and in the Pool Records book. At NO time should a pool monitor or supervisor physically touch a person or chair in assisting with the usage of the chair. Instead, you can give a demonstration by sitting in the chair lift. This is for safety and liability reasons.
Maintain a no-access to residents/homeowners on “Watch: list. Report attempted access to the Supervisor or Management.
Escort swimmers and patrons from the pool deck, making sure that all swimmers are out of the pool and bathrooms/locker rooms after designated swim time.
Cleaning/Sanitizing and Disinfecting Procedures, depending on schedule and hours.
Follow the Policies to address sick staff or patrons: Covid-19
Assists in monitoring weather reports closely to ensure safety of guests.
Maintains a clean environment in and around the pool
Assists in organization and monitoring of pool parties or rentals.
Provides assistance to patrons when appropriate or necessary.
Pool Monitor Qualifications

Current and valid ARC or equivalent certification including but not limited to: First Aid/CPR strongly preferred
Ability to pass pre-employment verbal and written skills test.
All applicants are subject to background screenings and drug testing where applicable.
Flexile schedule required.
Must be a team player who is committed to delivering high-level customer service.
Adaptable and dependable with a solid attendance record
Professional and respectful demeanor with all staff and guests at all times
Ability to work independently and follow instructions with minimal supervision.
Strong customer service background including conflict resolution skills preferred
Pool support and/or chemical monitoring experience preferred.
Essential Functions

Use standard office equipment, including: computer, phone, copier/scanner, etc.
Use standard maintenance equipment, including: pool equipment, broom, hand towels, etc.
Be stationary or in motion for periods of time
Relocate up to (25) pounds
Able to perform outdoor work in all types of weather
Schedule & Travel

Shifts will vary based on business need
May be required to work weekends and holidays
COVID-19 precautions
Remote interview process
Personal protective equipment provided or required
Plastic shield at work stations
Social distancing guidelines in place
Sanitizing, disinfecting, or cleaning procedures in place