Line Cook
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Pebble Creek Golf Club and Mulligans Irish Pub
Tampa, FL, USA
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Line Cook

Job Summary


If you are interested in a career in the culinary industry, we’re pleased to offer you the ideal position to begin your pursuit of such a goal. We are currently looking to hire new line cooks to work at our local bar-and-grill-style casual dining restaurant. In this position, you’ll work under the direction of our team of Mulligans managers learning to prepare dishes comprised of beef, pork, poultry and seafood and how to complement such entrees with vegetables, breads and sauces. Not only will this position teach you how to prepare delicious food, but it will also provide you with experience in plate presentation as well as how to work well in a high-pressure environment.

Job Responsibilities

Prepare and serve lunch and dinnertime meals as instructed by the shift’s manager in a timely enough manner so as to meet our customer satisfaction standards.
Rotate on a daily basis (and during scheduled shifts) from various stations to perform different tasks, such as entrée, side dish, dessert and appetizer prep, plate garnishing, and food portioning.
Work in conjunction with other line cooks and kitchen staff to ensure that food is rotated on schedule from freezers and walk-ins to prep areas, and then on to the line for cooking.
Assist with shift changeover to ensure that customer’s orders are filled before leaving.
Maintain a clean and sanitary working environment at all times by observing kitchen rules and requirements.
Ensure that all cooking, prep, and food handling areas and surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized at the end of each task and end of every work day.
Familiarize yourself with proper food handling regulations as well as contamination controls.
Job Skills & Qualifications


Able to meet physical demands such as lifting at least 50 lbs. as well as standing on your feet for up to 8 hours or more.
Ability to read and follow recipes.
Ability to operate and clean kitchen equipment such as slicers, fryers, ovens, etc.
And other tasks as assigned by a manager

Previous experience working in a kitchen or restaurant setting, or in a team-oriented environment