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About Us: Einstein Tutoring, a trusted educational partner since 2000, has proudly served thousands of students. We are currently seeking dedicated Academic Tutors to join our team. Our tutoring sessions are tailored for one-on-one interactions with individual families or conducted online via Zoom. Rest assured, we prioritize the safety of our clients and tutors by strictly adhering to COVID-19 safety protocols, including temperature checks, mask requirements, frequent hand washing, and the availability of sanitizing stations during in-home or backyard tutoring sessions.

Current Tutoring Needs:

  1. K-12 Academic Subjects
  2. SAT Preparation
  3. College Application Assistance

Why Choose Einstein Tutoring?

  1. Flexible Scheduling: Create your own tutoring schedule by informing us of your availability and preferred locations.
  2. Comprehensive Resources: We provide materials to support your tutoring efforts upon request.
  3. Supportive Team: Our office staff is dedicated to providing you with exceptional support and assistance - we're fabulous!
  4. Competitive Hourly Compensation: Enjoy a competitive hourly rate as a part of our team.

Join Einstein Tutoring and make a positive impact on students' academic journeys!