Video Editor
Dark Matter Creative
Lakeland, FL, USA
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30+ days ago

Video Editor

Please email: drkmtrcreative @ gmail .com and ask to apply for our Creative Video Editor Job Opening. A google form application will be sent to you.

Dark Matter Creative is a digital marketing agency. We are growing and are looking to bring on a talented video editor to work with us as we meet our client’s deadlines and meet their expectations of delivered work.

This position will begin at 24 hours a week part time and will grow into 40 hours a week in a matter of time. We are a small company but growing. This is a great opportunity to grow with us.

This is not a remote job. You will be expected to work at our office on our machines and equipment. We edit on iMac Pros and we edit in Final Cut Pro X. You will be provided all the plugins, stock footage, and stock audio needed to complete the edits.

Your primary job responsibility will be creative video editing. This is not a position for someone without experience. There will be no “on the job training” for video editing basics. You will be expected to bring your creativity and begin editing shortly after you join the team.

Your secondary job responsibility will be to assist in video shoots and overall production as needed. This is a great opportunity to get a lot of hands on experience with all aspects of production work.

You will always be editing on location at our office tho we may film at our clients office or their home or even on our 20 foot wide green screen. Even after we complete our client’s work we will be shooting our own marketing videos which you will be able to edit or assist in editing depending on work load.

Creative video editing is a must, experience on the production side is a bonus and can be taught.

One more thing, to receive the Google Sheet job application please email us at the above email address and attach a picture of Final Cut Pro X’s logo to receive the google form application. Failure to do so will disqualify you from consideration. We are looking for applicants that are detail oriented and who pay attention to details.

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