Maplewood Manor
Elbow Lake, MN, USA
Job Posted:
30+ days ago



Reports to: Customer Service Coordinator

Job Classification: Hourly (Non Exemption Status)

Minimum Qualifications: Must be at least a high school graduate or equivalent and at least 18 years old.

Organizational Values:


Actively supporting a healthy family dynamic within the organization by exhibiting the following behaviors: kindness, caring, devotion, and support.
Behaviors are evident in his/hers interactions with residents and team members.

Actively supports, participates, and drives initiatives to grow technical skills both individually and as a team.
He/she performs high quality work.
Safety is a top priority.
An advocate for the resident and the organization.

Exhibits behaviors that foster and support a strong team environment.
Respectful and friendly to internal and external customers.
Seeks to grow relationships where professionalism and understanding are foundational.

Adheres to healthycommunication principles.
Exhibits positive and uplifting behaviors.

Supports, fosters, and encourages personal, team, and organizational growth and development.
Personal responsibility and accountability.
General Requirements: The Facility is seeking cooks to provide assistance with the activities of daily living to the residents. Cooks must be compassionate, respectful, patient, and possess a sincere desire to enhance the quality of life for the people whom they serve and their families.

To provide nutritious, freshly prepared meals and snacks to residents on a daily basis.
Working knowledge of basic cooking skills
Ability to read and follow directions in recipes, menus, etc.
Must be able to read and write English at an average adult level. Employee must be respectful and considerate and able to communicate in English clearly in person and over the phone.
Ability to operate kitchen equipment safely.
Training or experience in cooking for large groups
Knowledge of standards of food preparation and serving and kitchen procedures.
Ability to work well with other people
Employee must be able to push, pull, and lift 50 lbs of weight without risk of injury.
Employee must pass background check prior to providing cares.
Employee must work holidays and every other weekend.
Employee must be flexible and willing to adapt to changing situations in a professional manner.
The employee must be neat, clean, and adhere to the tobacco free policy.
Dress Requirements: See Employee Policy & Procedure Manual See
Employee must arrive for work on time and is ready to work at the time of the start of the shift. Follows meal/break guidelines.
Employee must follow the Facility policies and procedures.
Employee must be efficient and well organized.
Employee must take ownership of their job duty checklist.
The employee conducts oneself in a professional matter.
The employee actively participates and supports organizational initiatives
Required Skills/ Responsibilities:

Prepare breakfast as requested by residents.
Prepare dinner and supper per 5- week menu plan.
Set the table for morning coffee and noon dinner.
Set-up additional snack items for meetings if needed.
Have snack ready for morning and afternoon coffee.
Prepare meals in accordance with residents’ diets: mechanical soft or puree
Wash dishes and clean up after meals.
Keep kitchen neat and orderly.
Keep pantry neat and orderly.
Coordinate meals and snacks according to number of residents and guests.
Keep refrigerator and freezer clean and orderly (date all items, and monitor dates).
Keep all opened food in sealed air tight containers (flour, sugar, etc.)
Daily log temperatures of refrigerators and freezers.
Daily log temperatures of foods.
Daily check food supply and keep a list of needed items, preparing list of required groceries every Wednesday.
Bake cookies, bars and breads as needed.
Keep all foods 2” off the floor.
Comply with all Minnesota Department of Health Requirements.
Leave instructions for evening staff for dinner preparation and baking.
Leave instructions for overnight staff for prep cooking and baking needs.
Plan holiday meals, theme day meals and special snacks as needed and as requested by the Administration.
Prepare breakfast ala carte as requested by clients.
Attend instructional seminars/ courses and staff meetings as requested by the Administrator.
Report the amount spent each week on groceries to Administrator.
Shop for groceries as requested by the Administrator.
Train assistant cooks according to Serve-Safe guidelines.
Perform all duties that have been detailed on the “Cook Shift Duties” schedule.
Perform all other responsibilities as assigned by the Administrator.