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Growing Together Behavioral Center
Jacksonville, FL, USA
Job Posted:
7 days ago


Growing Together Behavioral Center is expanding! We're a school and ABA clinic for children with autism and other developmental disabilities and work with children age 3- 17, with the goal of expanding up to age 22! We currently have a location in Southpoint and are opening a second location in the next few weeks in Mandarin.

We are seeking hard working, driven people to apply for our youth & vocational internship. If you have an interest in working in special education, this is the internship for you! You will work with children of all ages, and all abilities, both who have autism and other developmental disabilities. We have students with dual exceptionalities such as autism and deafness, or autism and blindness as well.

Your opportunities to learn are limitless!! We love special education, and the idea that we can help students know exactly what their career is going to look like when they graduate, as well as helping students hone in on what their passions may be regarding age, abilities, etc. for their future teaching.

Contact us at ------------ or------------ to find out more!

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