Lansing Township, MI, USA
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9 days ago


Who are we?

We believe small businesses are the heroes of their communities.

But there’s one huge problem…many business owners aren’t techy. Or, are too busy to figure it out. So, they quickly get left behind by bigger companies with bigger resources who know how to attract, convert, and retain customers.

We’re on a mission to help local and small businesses fight back.

To do so, they need to thrive online…because that’s where the customers are.

Our customer (the small business) has the skills and talent to provide value to their customers and we provide the digital tools they need to do it. Basically, they’re Batman and we’re Alfred…we keep things running behind the scenes so they can save the day (someone has to keep his utility belt stocked and the Batmobile gassed up).

Our tools are high performing websites that are optimized for growth. Our secret? Our innovative business model that provides website development in a new and unique way.

Who are you?

You’re intrigued by what we’ve said so far and obsessed with content, copywriting, and using both to attract the ideal customer. But beyond words, you’re interested in the processes that get those words in front of the right people. You love strategy and you’re interested in helping us come up with a unique solution to a common problem—what comes first, content or design?

We’re interested in learning how the next generation of copywriters marries content and design to create an exciting and intriguing user experience and this position could potentially help us create the processes we’ll use for years to come. If you love us and we love you, there could be a permanent home for you here.

You’ll thrive here if you’re:

- An excellent writer
- Adept at writing for the web and understand it’s not the same writing you’d do anywhere else (or you want to build this skill!)
- Strategic and love problem-solving
- A self-starter
- Extremely disciplined
- Creative
- Excellent at time management
- Super organized
- Curious and you love to learn

These aren’t just buzz words on a resume to us. We need someone who has the initiative to move ahead without a lot of guidance. Someone who wants to put in the work and loves to work. Someone who will go out and research the answer to a question before asking it. Someone who loves figuring out how to utilize the resources around them to solve problems.

If this sounds like you, these would be your responsibilities;

- Work collaboratively with our development/design team to create a scalable process for creating web content
- Learn our system and work with customers to create awesome copy for websites that reflect their brands and business
- Create content that converts for landing pages, email newsletters, blogs, lead magnets, chatbots, and more
- Edit copy based on customer & team feedback
- Assist with content strategy for Super Web Pros
- Manage multiple projects at a time

content, writing, ux, writer, digital marketing