Therapist Position
Integrative Psychotherapy and Assessment Services
Phoenix, AZ, USA
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9 days ago

Therapist Position

Please email your resume.
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We are a private practice. We are a team of mental health professions in central Phoenix in a supportive, ethical, and dedicated practice.

IPAS has administration/reception services Monday-Friday to assist clinicians.

General Therapist Job Description requirements that a clinician will be trained to know and be able to do even if they request administration to assist with some of the responsibilities:

Arrive at least 15 minutes prior to first client

New Client

Confirm financial obligations (therapists can request assistance from administration during admin hours)

Confirm legitimacy of health insurance (therapists can request assistance from administration during admin hours or long in/before initial intake to your online portal)

Confirm all needed paperwork has been completed and signed. Go over contracts with client at intake

Copy insurance card (administration can assist if they are in office)

Write demographic information on insurance card copy for billing (name, address, phone, F code, session code, copay, DOB, DOS) and put the copy with the billing log. This will be returned to therapist after initial billing

All client

Take copay via scheduling system or square (if cash, complete cash receipt, put cash and receipt under Dr. Byrd’s door)

(when applicable) monitor clients past due amounts with administration and collect when needed

Take session notes and complete the notes as required by law/board

Complete billing log for each person accurately in order for your billing to be sent for billing. Billing is collected on Fridays

Update documents as needed in file

General Tasks

Keep office clean and presentable

Follow open/close document if you open or close

Assist any client in lobby who requests assistance from you and greet clients when seen

Consult with other providers/case consultation

Keep files locked in office in alphabetical order

Shut down computer at least once a week

Email administration questions to administration

Email Dr. Byrd therapeutic questions as well as consult with other colleagues

Know how to use therapymate IPAS schedule system (schedule, deactivate, add patients etc) Administration will schedule clients by clinicians need to know how to as well

Monitor your Therapymate schedule for changes

(And/or) be available to clients during the evening or a weekend time

Respond to emails within 24-48 hours

Crisis and emergences are responded to immediately and be prepared to send resource list to clients

Direct, confirm, or send intro email for new clients and be capable to schedule new clients when needed (intro email has link to paperwork, office address, office door code to enter building etc)

Conduct yourself ethically

Terminate services appropriately

At least a 60-day advanced notice of resignation and follow policy and ethics on termination of services

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time, internship positions (unpaid)

mental health, Internship, therapist, social worker, counselor