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Vajrapani Institute is a Buddhist Retreat Center in Boulder Creek, California. Located off the grid in a remote forest location within the Santa Cruz Mountains our contemplative retreat center offers private retreat cabins and group meditation retreats . Everyone comments about how quiet and peaceful it is once they arrive and how the mind naturally settles. We have a beautiful Meeting/Meditation Hall that’s been blessed by 30 years of spiritual practice. Beautiful walking trails around the land and a longer hike with views of the Monterey Bay.

Our Work/Study Program offers an opportunity to experience living and working in the richness of a Dharma Community.

Here are the details:
In exchange for a 28-hour workweek, volunteers are provided with a cabin, nutritious vegetarian meals, and the ability to attend some of the courses offered at the center free of charge.
A 3-month minimum commitment, with an initial 2-week provisional period.
As a volunteer you have the opportunity to be an integral part of our staff that hosts spiritual group retreats and supports individuals on private retreats.
Depending on your interests and aptitudes, you may be asked to support in the following areas: housekeeping (preparing the facilities for guests), caring for the land, assisting in the kitchen, and various other tasks that may arise.
Ideal candidates have a desire to better themselves, are service-oriented, have an innate flexibility of mind and a willingness to pitch in when and as needed.

To apply, please complete our online application form at: ------------/employment-and-volunteering/