Sales Estimator
Creation Networks Inc
Concord, CA, USA
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30+ days ago

Sales Estimator

Audiovisual Sales Estimator- This role is part remote, part in office and at client sites as needed.
The primary role is to provide commercial Audio Visual system design, equipment selection, and material and labor sales support & proposals for bid type projects.
ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES (Other duties may be assigned on an individual basis.)

Manage AV estimation cycle from introduction to following up after completion or a customer service call.
• Meet with customers to determine their needs in an AV system in person, over the phone or via video call.
• Proactively call into accounts for new leads and continued business. Market new AV technologies to contacts. Customer service is essential in this role.
• Design an AV system based upon feedback from the customer in regards to features and budget.
• Create BOM (Bill of materials).
• Work with CAD designer and engineer to produce CAD or AV drawings capturing the system schematics or “System diagrams” and customer needs.
• Work with the Director of Engineering to transfer the knowledge of the project upon receipt of a contract from the customer.
• Read bid specifications and review associated drawings and information, and then work up an estimate based upon the information provided for different types of projects.
• Once the project is awarded, forward appropriate information so that the Project Administrator can request the COI, and also submit this to the client contact. Send DTools proposal with project number to Financial Specialist with instructions on what/when to bill.
• Provide signed DTools proposal approved contract to Financial Specialist to invoice. Include on awarded proposal the Client Project Number is provided.
• Create project folder and complete project checklist.
• Work with the Project Administrator and the Logistics/Service Coordinator to check warehouse inventory before purchasing any products.
• Once awarded project, use two copies of DTools picklist – 1 for ordering to notate date ordered & from what vendor and 1 to put in shop for Technicians.
• Confirm the specifics of the installation with the Project Administrator and the Project Manager, including on site transportation coordinator & subcontractor needs.
• Keep excel spreadsheet of tracking log for projects and email to PM and project leads.
• Manage changes in project and share with CN team in regard to drawings, timelines or order delays. Select and offer alternative equipment if needed.
• Manage all change orders in the same process as original project.
• Estimate other costs such as transportation, travel, additional insurance or shipping needs.
• Keep Project Managers and clients aware of any changes in shipping delays.
• Track all projects from signed contract through completion, billing and closeout and warranty.
• Submit billing against approved proposals and change orders.
• Keep daily email to project members of what information you need back from them to complete estimate.
• Submit maintenance to customer for approval.
• Perform all functions for the position and other duties that may be assigned.