Sales Associate
Quickviz co.
Roswell, GA, USA
Job Posted:
9 days ago

Sales Associate

Sales Associate Job Description:

We are looking for a result-driven retail sales associate to be responsible for all sales job duties, from generating sales enquiries from existing interested database to generating revenue from the sale to maintaining relationships with existing clients.

The Sales Associate duties and responsibilities include working closely with the clients to determine their needs, answer their questions about our services and recommend the right solutions. As the public face of the company the Sales Associate is responsible for dealing with any and all client’s queries about the services the company offers. You should also be able to promptly resolve client complaints and ensure maximum client satisfaction. To be successful as a Sales Associate, you should stay up-to-date with knowledge of the company services and policies.

Sales Associate Responsibilities:

1. Active sales to achieve sales targets & goals.

The Sales Associate is held accountable to the minimum monthly, quarterly and annual target in direct relation to their salary. The sales activity is broadly divided into 3 sections:

a. Convert Interested Prospects to Enquiries:

Actively respond to interested prospects & save contact information for future outreach.
Build rapport with interested prospects and successfully convince them to purchase our services.
Actively follow up with interested prospects and convert them to live enquiries through phone calls and emails (Convert cold prospects to hot prospects).
b. Convert Enquiries to New Business:

Keep track of and actively follow up on enquiries to convert sale & achieve sales targets. (weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually)
Assist, guide & provide consultation to clients on service offerings, pricing, estimates, quotes, delivery processes etc.
Develop custom service solutions which meets the need of each client in accordance to the company’s service offerings.
Negotiate project deliverables, scope of work, and convert sales to revenue. Consult Project Management / Coordination Team to advise on technical capabilities & timelines.
Create complete and detailed project briefs for the project coordination team for successful project delivery.
Provide quality customer service, providing requested information and assist project coordination team to resolve complaints if any. Perform troubleshooting when necessary.
Effectively Communicate any ongoing promotional offers to clients.
c. Cultivate New Business to Repeat Business:

Everything in point b.
Keep track of your client base, keep in touch & Follow up with existing clients for new projects to create repeat business.
2. Data entry, documentation & client profiling.
a. Accurately document every sales activity on the Sales CRM platform including but not limited to call logs, virtual meetings, emails, interactions etc.

b. Document & accurately report all wins and losses, targets & achievements. Create and maintain accurate records of monthly sales and ensure data entry accuracy.

c. Accurately document each client’s profile - business relationship, new / existing, opportunities, company account, industry, project type, business profile. Use this information to build rapport and improve.

3. Team Responsibilities:
a. Aid your team members to understand company systems & processes. Assist in keeping everyone up to date on company service offerings.

b. Aid your team members when required in addressing enquiries (when out of town or not available)

c. Weekly reporting meetings with Management to discuss sales progress, pipeline, issues, wins, losses etc.

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