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Dates: June 7, 2021 – August 13, 2021

The Consultrepreneurship is a holistic 10-week summer program that leverages Africana economic history, mentorship and unique practical learning experiences to empower Black college students and recent graduates to overcome socioeconomic barriers and build personal, generational and communal wealth.


Applicants must be 18 years of age or older, organized, communicative and motivated to solve complicated problems. We are looking for team players who work well individually and with others. Most importantly, we seek aspiring Black visionaries who want to learn how to change the world and who are curious about the history of Black economics, entrepreneurship, wealth building and life after college.


Week 1

Weeks 2-9
Mondays: Seminar and Guest Entrepreneur Lecture Series Sessions
Tuesdays: Biweekly Business Concept Supervisory Meetings
Wednesdays: Consulting Team Meetings, Team-Led Client Consultations & Cohort Group Support Sessions
Thursdays: DIFFvelopment Supervisory Check-In Meetings
Fridays: Assignment Submissions

Week 10
Virtual Culminating Trip & Closing Ceremony
Submission of Completed Business Concept & Consulting Report Assignments

Independent Responsibilities
When Consultrepreneurs are not reporting to the aforementioned mandatory meetings, they are expected to independently work on the development of their Business Concept and Consulting Report, by (i) conducting research, writing, editing and implementing improvements based on feedback received during “DIFF Client” consultations, cohort group support sessions, supervisory check-in meetings with DIFFvelopment and advisory Business Concept meetings with the “DIFF Advisor,” as well as, (ii) additional independently arranged consulting practicum strategic planning team meetings to ensure all team members are on target to complete each task as detailed within the consulting practicum team plan submitted by the consulting practicum team to DIFFvelopment during week two of the program.


Historical & Theoretical Training
During an intensive week of orientation, Consultrepreneurs receive analytical Africana history training focused on the economic and political forces that shaped key historical events impacting the Black race, the lessons that can be learned from them and the continuity between history and present-day trends. Thereafter they participate in weekly seminars and entrepreneur lectures where they gain pertinent life skills and become aware of how to effectively approach and deal with culturally specific post college financial, employment and business challenges.

Supervised Consulting Practicum
Through the practical component of the program, Consultrepreneurs acquire practical business skills by acting as a consultant within a supervised team that provides a Black-owned business client with operational analysis, executive consultations and an industry standard consulting report.

Guided Business Concept Development
Consultrepreneurs develop a pitch-worthy community-minded business concept with the support of a seasoned business advisor.

Program Culmination
Culminating Trip: Program periods culminate with a tour of a notable Black-owned business and a trip to a historical economic landmark.
Closing Ceremony: Consultrepreneurs who successfully complete the program participate in a closing ceremony where they present about their business concept and overall program experience.

Completion Benefits
All Consultrepreneurs who successfully complete the Consultrepreneurship receive:
An official certificate of completion
Consulting report authorship credit
A performance report
Access to recommendations upon request
Access to business incorporation fee sponsorship
Automatic Consultrepreneurship Alumni Relations membership, giving them access to a lifetime of entrepreneurial, financial and general life skills support

Academic Credit Support
DIFFvelopment supports institutional academic credit applications with relevant materials upon request.

Internship Funding Opportunities
The Consultrepreneurship is an unpaid internship. Applicants should contact their institution’s career services department to learn about unpaid internship funding opportunities. In the event that the applicant is unable to secure such funding or such funding is unavailable, they should contact us to discuss possible funding alternatives.
About DIFFvelopment
Re-education that empowers aspiring Black visionaries to develop their world differently.

DIFFvelopment is a trailblazing nonprofit organization that aims to play a key role in driving the creation of sustainable Black personal, generational and communal wealth by empowering the next generation of Black visionary leaders to prioritize historically and globally conscious community-minded entrepreneurial activity. Through its commitment to “Re-empowering the global Black community through historically centered re-education that empowers aspiring Black visionaries to develop their world differently,” DIFFvelopment sustainably solves deep-seated historical knowledge and wealth gap issues, caused by centuries of global Black economic oppression.

Targeting Black college students and recent graduates, DIFFvelopment drives this impact through life-changing summer internship, generational wealth, coaching and online resource center programs that offer Africana history training seen through an analytical economic lens and equip beneficiaries with executable business concepts, rock-solid easy to follow roadmaps for personal development and financial security and lifelong access to practical resources and a community of Black business mentors. To-date, DIFFvelopment has reached over 2,700 beneficiaries and supported the creation of over a dozen new Black-owned businesses, provided summer internship alumni with over $11,000 in business startup financing and helped nearly 90 percent of alumni in the labor force obtain gainful employment.