Production Designer
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New Moon Films
Los Angeles, CA, USA
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30+ days ago

Production Designer

New Moon Films, a 501 3c non-profit filmmaking organization is producing a project entitled ‘Younity’ providing workshops to international storytellers and educating amateur film makers on how to create film projects.

We will be filming brand photography featuring a wall of flowers from the LA flower market. This would generate content that would be additionally used as an educational video illustrating what goes on in a film set. The main jobs we are looking looking to fill are:

production designer
production assistant
behind the scenes photographer/videographer

This is a non-profit project supporting the hands on education of student filmmakers, so we are hoping to find participants that would be willing to donate their available time in exchange for a tax write off. We would need crew available one month from now for a minimum of three days in order to build, film, and derig the wall of flowers with chicken wire fencing, bracing, weights and floral foam.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration and I hope to hear from you soon. Here is a link to the website for this overall project: ------------.