Pre-Press Manager
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Kolibri Art Studio, Inc.
Gardena, CA, USA
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Pre-Press Manager

We are looking for a digital graphics pre-press manager with experience and know-how in producing Giclee prints on Canvas and Watercolor paper using large format Epson Printer as well as supporting serigraph color separation and pre-production process such as the production of serigraph films, digital color separation, scaling of digital files, producing digital print mock-ups, etc.

This position requires excellent knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and large-format digital print technologies & techniques. Below is a limited list of related competencies and job tasks we are looking for in our applicants:
• Understanding of and ability to perform global and local color correction using masks and layers;
• Proficiency with Color Management (eg. use of ICC profiles);
• Ability to accurately use Photoshop's selective color tools to create separations;
• Ability to use Paths to outline images and create guides for Screen (Serigraph) printing;
• Thorough understanding and demonstrated ability to manipulate of file formats and image resolution, including understanding of pixel ratios, scaling limits, resolution limitations, etc;
• Demonstrates the ability to use Photoshop to compose images, retouching, and enhance details and color;
• Knowledge, and/or ability to learn how to output/print film using Wasatch RIP for the management of prints;
• Demonstrated knowledge of the ability to use both Macintosh and Windows systems;
• Demonstrated ability and track record working with Color Separators to make separations with trapping in the correct sequence.

Location: The position of Pre-Press manager requires physical presence in our Gardena, California production facility (typical schedule from 8am-4pm).

The interview process: the first interviews can be held over the phone. Once the applicant passes the preliminary screening phase (via phone and optionally web conference) applicants are asked to come over to our office for in-person more interviews with several of our team members. In the final step of the interview process you would also be asked to perform a 1 hour hands-on test where you will be given an overview of what's required, a task or a few tasks, and where we will be able to measure your skills, knowledge, as well as the output of your work. We don't expect you to know everything and our interview process aims to provide us with an overview of your existing skills, your ability to learn and adapt, as well as your ability to deal with the various situations you will face on the job.

About Us: At Kolibri we produce high-end limited edition digital prints and serigraphs for the best artists in the world. We have been in business since 1990 and are one of the very few companies in the world producing this type and quality of work. Our craft is in producing unique and exclusive prints, typically with mixed media and our proprietary processes. Our work has been recognized with awards and rewarded with decades long relationships in the art world. We are known for the quality and uniqueness of our work because of our attention to detail, unique printing techniques, historic knowledge of media and printing techniques, and a collaborative process in which each print reproduction becomes a unique work of art.

Your edge: If you read this far you are already ahead. We don't expect an applicant that knows everything and has experience in every aspect of this job. However we do value certain traits and experience. For example we look for initiative and independence. This is a single contributor job where you will be managing 100% of the digital printing production and working closely with the serigraphy department in creating screens, color separations, corrections, etc. We also like to always get more than we bargained for, so if you have other skills in social media, graphic design (although this is not a creative position we encourage and value creativity), web design skills, etc all those are a plus.

Please don't contact us directly. Our website is ------------ and you can also find us on Instagram. Please use this only for informational purposes, please use this ad ONLY to reach out to us.