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Costa Mesa, CA, USA
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Social Media Marketing

Hello assistants!

My name is Kuba and I'm the founder of KUBACO ( ------------
KUBACO is a start-up brand which I launched about 3 months ago.
I designed the first training wheel for skateboarding called (iManual) aka iManny.
Company is growing and skateboarding market is expanding.

You will have a chance to work with me on daily bases and learn how to manage online store, designing products, create marketing campaigns, create long term business strategy, video production, photo shoots and much more. With a possibility of taking over some of the responsibilities and being hired in the future. That's the idea!
At the beginning it will be a lot of filming, photography and content creating. Meeting with families and young athletes and promoting with them.
We're looking for someone who wants to grow, personally and with the company. I'm looking for a ambitious human who has positive energy and some real life goals.
This is a unpaid position at the moment but the idea is to bring you on board. Literally ;)
We don't need anyone who wants a paycheck, this is a great opportunity to grow together and go as far as possible. Sky's the limit!
The company has a solid vision and we need good and creative people.
You need to love life and be passionate about something, we don't care about your education or age, If you want it, you can get it.
If this isn't for you please don't waste our time.
I'm looking forward to this.

Currently working on a KickStarter campaign :)

Current projects:
video production Kickstarter + youtube videos
Apparel design
Product design
Creating marketing campaigns

think independently

Let's have some FUN! :)
peace :)