Paid Canvasser
Nevada Wins PAC
Las Vegas, NV, USA
Job Posted:
10 days ago

Paid Canvasser

Our PAC is a fairly new one beginning operations in October of 2021. Our goal is to change the face of Nevada Politics. Our efforts focus on Independent voters in key swing districts in order to move the Nevada state legislature to the right. The reason we focus on independents is that they are now the largest voting block in the state and therefore they hold the power to decide close races. Our efforts started with polling these independents to find what issues they are most conservative on. Now we are moving into our persuasion phase where we have good conversations at the door about those issues we found in our polling. As a paid canvasser you will get the opportunity to be a part of a growing team that is dedicated to changing Nevada politics for the better. You will learn skills in sales, communication, teamwork, and time management. The perks of the job are setting your own schedule based on your team's needs, competitive pay of $18 per hour, and the ability to make new friends and learn more about the political process.