Order Fulfillment Associates
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ANG Sciences
San Luis Obispo, CA, USA
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Order Fulfillment Associates

We are a local supplement fulfillment company in San Luis Obispo that takes pride in meeting and exceeding our customer’s expectations. Our mission is to innovate and create solutions that change people's lives. We have successfully developed life science and supplement products for cognitive, metabolic, and longevity enhancement. To support our growth, we are currently looking for people to join us as part-time Associates/Interns in the areas of production and order fulfillment.

As a Production & Fulfilment Associate, you will work closely with our support team to ensure all products orders are received, packed, and shipped on time. This includes receiving shipments, and shipping finished orders to our customers. All orders will be in your hands from the moment they are placed by the customer to the moment we ship them out.


Providing day-to-day assistance in the production:
- Mixing powder into solution
- Weighing powder into jars
- Bottling solution
- Printing/editing product labels
- Labeling products
- Shrinkwrapping products
- Counting Production Lots
- Logging Lot # and counts
- Coordinating effectively with the support team to make sure orders are packed and shipped on schedule.
- Proper packaging, fulfillment, and shipping of all customer orders to ensure correct and timely delivery.

Your role is very critical as you will be the one who makes sure we never run out of anything...preventing us from losing thousands of dollars in sales thus reaching our targets!

We’ll need your help with negotiating and placing inventory orders. We’ll also need you to recommend and document suppliers and identify and raise potential inventory issues to management.

Once you know your job inside and out, you can help us develop new inventory and procurement systems, policies, and procedures so that we can make our customers happy.

We believe in building a long-term sustainable business by having a reputation of excellence as the creator of effective, pure, and high-quality products.

- Related experience is a strong plus
- Comfortable with numbers
- Strong communication skills
- Ability to wear many hats
- Comfortable under stress and meet deadlines
- Strong organizational skills and ability to prioritize based on deadlines
- Able to manage time effectively to optimize productivity
- Extreme attention to detail
- Commitment to product quality and safety