Marketing Intern
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Ethos Natural Medicine LLC
Vista, CA, USA
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7 days ago

Marketing Intern


ETHA Natural Botanicals explores better health for people who want to manage their well-being in natural ways. By applying new knowledge and science research, we make botanicals more accessible, convenient, and reliable.
ETHA is a young company in its 4th year. We are a small team looking to grow with bright people who are flexible, want to learn multiple aspects of running a business, and can deliver consistently excellent results. If this is you, please continue reading about this opportunity to join the ETHA team.
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We are looking for a Marketing and Sales Support Intern who can work with executives to support our marketing efforts. The intern will work with follow up with Sales leads, help with ad creation and delivery, support public relations, and assist with retail sales activities. The focus is driving sales and conversions and awareness while staying true to our ETHA brand and voice.

The Marketing and Sales Support Intern will:

- Follow up with retail and B2B Sales leads through phone calls and emails.
- Help to create marketing campaigns that meet business goals. Includes online advertising, email campaigns, physical marketing outreach, influencers, and alternative marketing avenues.
- Create and manage marketing collateral used for both online and retail sales
- Gather customer insights through customer journey analysis, surveys, focus groups, feedback requests, and sales data analysis.
- Provide marketing and sales insights and direction based on data analysis.
- Maximize brand recognition through paid ads, public relations activity, blogs, and social media

The Marketing and Sales Intern can be either a full-time or part-time opportunity. The hours can be flexible; however, project deliverables will need to be met in a timely manner and according to set schedules.


• Comfortable speaking to others over the phone
• Able to clearly convey thoughts through written word
• Aspirations to go into Sales or Marketing
• Knowledge of SEO, AOV, PPC, and other sales terminology
• Comfortable analyzing web metrics, such as visits, time on site, page views per visit, transaction volume and revenue, traffic mix, click-through rates, conversion rates, cost per acquisition, and cost per click to make decision
• Some proficiency in Adobe suite, Canva, or other photo and video editing software

Top Candidate Profile

• Can easily write to others in their terms and on their level so that the message is more readily received
• Can comfortably speak to others to influence their decisions
• Can vary language and tone of messages based on product, medium, and target audience
• Can place yourself into the shoes of others to make the best customer experience possible
• Have an entrepreneurial approach to work – be lean, flexible, limitless; test, fail early, and learn
• Are comfortable with shifting priorities
• Are motivated by autonomy but ultimately believe that we are better when we work as a team
• Are comfortable in some level of uncertainty and are willing to work hard, and respond when needed, to get the job done
• You uphold the highest standard of quality in your work, at all times
• See value in sharing key learnings across the whole team
• Work well with others, and thrive in helping to elevate the entire team
• Would rather give the whole team credit vs take credit on your own
• Believe in continuous development and would happily spend personal time in trainings, webinars, networking events, etc. to sharpen mastery and stay current

Job Type: Full-Time or Part-Time

Compensation: $14.00 an hour plus commissions on Sales

Perks: Flexible schedule, access to company founders and executives for mentoring, free drinks and snacks in the office, laptop to be used for work activity, supply of ETHA products for personal use