Lab Intern
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Micro-Bac International, Inc.
Round Rock, TX, USA
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Lab Intern

Lab Assistants Intern is expected to prepare/monitor experiments/tests in Micro-Bac’s research laboratory. A Lab Assistant intern analyzes data and creates reports based on the results of tests under the supervision of the lab manager. They set up lab equipment and clean lab rooms following a research experiment. The daily duties of a Lab Assistant vary depending on the project.


Lab Assistants Intern perform a variety of duties to help scientists and lab manager. Lab Assistants Intern have the following responsibilities but not limited to:
• Prepare lab equipment for upcoming research experiments
• Report data and compile the information into graphs and documents
• Clean and maintain lab equipment
• Use testing items and subjects to gather results
• Gather data and information from test subjects
• Monitor ongoing tests and experiments, noting any differences
• Daily job may include but not limited:
• Making media and reagents
• Running the Autoclave
• Pouring plates
• Pipetting
• Streaking plates
• Spread plating
• Making dilutions
• Transferring Cultures
• Freezing Cultures
• Sample Log in and Set up
• Aseptic technique
• Gram Staining
• Microscopic Examination


Lab Assistants Intern will typically have certain prerequisite skills or qualifications, which include:
• Excellent attention to detail
• Verbal and written communication skills
• Research and analysis skills
• Experience working with lab equipment
• Mathematics and measurement skills
• Knowledge of computer research and analysis programs
• Good teamwork skills
• Ability to keep detailed records
• A bachelor’s degree in biology, Microbiology, or similar fields.
• Preferably a master’s in biology, Microbiology, or similar fields.