Assistant Chef

Assistant Chef

Part-Time Kitchen Help/Assistant Chef

Location: 851 Loveland Madaira RD, Loveland, Ohio 45140

Company Overview:
Hey there! We're BentOn, a BENTO factory in Loveland, Ohio, making delicious Japanese-inspired meals. Right now, we're looking for part-time, internships kitchen help/assistant chefs. Join us to experience Japanese food culture and improve your cooking skills!

Job Description:
At our Loveland factory, we need part-time kitchen help/assistant chefs. You'll work alongside experienced chefs, helping with ingredient prep, cooking, packing, and box assembly. It's a great opportunity to learn about Japanese cuisine while getting hands-on experience in the kitchen.


-Ingredient Prep: Assist the chefs by washing, cutting veggies, and prepping meat.
-Cooking Support: Help out the chefs with grilling, frying, and other cooking tasks.
-Packing and Box Assembly: We could use your help with packing and assembling those tasty BENTO boxes.
-Kitchen Support: Keep the kitchen clean and organized, and lend a hand with ingredient organization and storage.
-Plating BENTO Meals: Help make those BENTO meals look fantastic and portion them just right.

Availability for 3-5 days a week.
Keen interest in Japanese food culture and a willingness to learn culinary skills.
Ability to handle physical tasks and pay attention to detail.

Hourly rate: $15 per hour.

To Apply:
Send us your resume and a short note telling us about your availability and why you're interested in Japanese cuisine. You can email it to ------------

Interview Date and Time:
June 3rd, 3:00 PM

At BentOn, we value diversity and welcome applicants from all backgrounds.
We offer a supportive environment where you can pursue your passion and enjoy a great cooking experience.