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McLean, VA, USA
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Internship Description
The mission of BusySquirrels ( is to develop a free, seamless, AI-powered platform to help online shoppers save money and time in the easiest way, by providing easy-to-use cashback, price tracking, real-time price drop and restock alerts and most intelligent cross-store price comparison.

We invite students to join us remotely as IT Business Analyst interns. The working schedule is flexible and you may plan your work at your own pace without interrupting school courseworks. The internship schedule can be either weekdays or weekends. The internship opportunities are unpaid but can be used for academic credit.

You will be able to work with and mentored by MBAs with real-world business experiences and also by Columbia and MIT alumni who have years of software development experiences. For students who would like to apply for graduate schools, we will write awesome recommendation letters for your good performance. Limited spots are available and please apply ASAP!

Duties and Responsibilities
- Analyze business goals, objectives, and product requirements
- Perform research and analysis of the market
- Help plan and design product lines and make recommendations for improvement
- Perform ongoing reviews of product and developing optimization strategies
- Documenting and communicating the results of your efforts

- Business Administration or related major
- Excellent critical thinking and problem-solving skills
- Good written and verbal communication skills
- Detail-oriented with strong organizational skills

- Practical experience with varied business activities
- Shadowing, mentoring, and training opportunities with experienced and accomplished business professionals
- Opportunity to attend business meetings and networking events
- Flexible schedule for students

What did interns say
BusySquirrels has experience hosting interns through MIT Venture Match, Columbia Industrial Liaison course and Columbia Virtual Internship Program. Here are some testimonials from our previous interns from Columbia and MIT.

Intern A: "This internship has far-reaching significance to me, and it has strengthened my career goal of becoming a software engineer. "

Intern B: "Teamwork played an important role in this internship. I learned how to work together with my teammates, analyze tasks, communicate with others to overcome technical problems and describe my work at daily meetings."

Intern C: "While I had many useful experiences at BusySquirrels, I feel that I still need to learn more fundamental knowledge of programming languages and operating systems, which I could learn in Columbia University during my final semester. In conclusion, my experience with BusySquirrels was crucial in my career development since I enjoyed my job as a software engineer and considered continuing my journey. "