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Food for Soul
New York, NY, USA
Job Posted:
8 days ago


*Please note this position is REMOTE and does not require NY residency.
** About Food for Soul organization below

Position:Communications and Marketing Intern or Volunteer (2 positions available)
Duration: accepting 3, 6, 9, 12 month internships
Location: Remote, work is global
Primary Language: English
*Multilingual is a plus: Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese

Role: Support the Communications, Program and Fundraising departments through the development of digital strategies, project management, and building relationships with key external stakeholders. Primary activities will include editorial, creative and content design to support brand partnerships, donor relations and impact reporting.

Key Responsibilities:
- Support web design in wordpress, wix; content engagement, news/PR stories
- Support social media content strategy; messaging and calendar management
- Support and co-create comm-merk across brand and strategic partnerships
- conduct communication assessment and evaluation, including volunteer and stakeholder engagement
- active management of project timelines for global communication days, donor appeals; Refettorio campaigns
- editing of brand messaging
- content editing and CRM management of donor tools
- monitor, track and report trends and best practices or program for nonprofit marketing and donor development
- support execution of Impact Report, Monthly Giving Report, Annual Report

1+ years experience in marketing, communications, or a related field
1+ years experience in foodservice hospitality sector; or food systems, agriculture and nutrition sectors
Excellent communication skills (both written and verbal)
Proficient in Microsoft Suite and Google Drive applications
Experience using Salesforce nonprofit cloud, Salesforce administration, CRM
Experience using fundraising platform; P2P programs

- Creative and excited to cultivate dynamic media and social content to drive networking and community development
- Positive, energetic, and proactive multitasker who can work independently or collaboratively
- Strong listener, with a high degree of empathy, professionalism and flexibility, including the ability to prioritize and effectively manage assignments in a timely fashion
- Motivated and passionate about social causes, specifically those that promote inclusivity, diversity and equity

About Food for Soul
Food for Soul is a cultural nonprofit organization advocating for socially responsible actions that improve the health of our planet and well-being of people. Since the opening of Refettorio Ambrosiano, Milan in 2015, founders Chef Massimo Bottura and Lara Gilmore have been mobilizing and empowering local communities to reduce food loss and waste and support social inclusion. Launched in 2016, the mission of Food for Soul aims to change behaviors in how we value, respect and nurture our food system and work collaboratively to foster health, sustainability and equity outcomes across our global community. Through advocacy, sharing of knowledge and the development of Refettorio projects around the world, Food for Soul is proving the role of culture to strengthen resilience and enable social change.

Based in Modena, Italy with an affiliate in New York, USA; Food for Soul has collaboratively launched thirteen Refettorio projects worldwide in Milan, Modena, Naples, Bologna, London, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, Merida, Lima, San Francisco, Harlem, Geneva and Sydney. Through nonprofit partnerships project expansion is planned for North and South America, Canada and Asia. Each project is different and is shaped to fit the needs of the local community, developed to be sustainable on a long term, and self-sufficient.