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Objective: Funds For Veterans is seeking individuals with experience in Grant Writing to volunteer their time and assist us in completing grants focused on Military/Veteran Health Resources. By volunteering with us now, you can establish a working relationship that may lead to future compensation, which will be discussed during the interview. Please note that this is a VOLUNTEER position and does not offer financial compensation.

If you are interested in simply volunteering your time or becoming a board member of Funds For Veterans, kindly submit a letter of interest and a resume to ------------. We eagerly anticipate your response and appreciate your interest in supporting our mission. If you are a student and would like to learn how to write Grants as you serve our veterans we encourage you to apply.

About us: Funds for Veterans is a 501(3)(c) nonprofit organization dedicated to providing prompt financial assistance to Veterans in need. Our "restricted" FFV Veterans Aid card is electronically distributed via email or text message and can be used solely for purchasing food and clothing. We also offer direct payments to housing facilities, car repair shops, and utilities. Additionally, we are developing the Safest Place app, designed to support women veterans dealing with PTSD. Visit our website at ------------.

Duties: Conduct research to identify financial grant opportunities that align with the mission and requirements of Funds for Veterans. Prepare grant proposals and accompanying documents based on our organization's funding criteria. Submit proposals to various institutions, including government departments, corporations, foundations, and trusts. Maintain records and submit reports related to grant opportunities.

Qualifications: Possess excellent knowledge of the proposal submission and fundraising process. Demonstrate an understanding of the funding requirements specific to our organization's programs. Exhibit strong research skills and familiarity with relevant information sources. Hold a degree in English, communications, creative writing, or a related field.

Schedule: Flexible, depending on grant availability and deadlines.

**If you are interested, please provide a cover letter explaining how you envision yourself as a valuable addition to our team, along with any success stories you may have in obtaining grants for other nonprofits. Additionally, please include a writing sample.