Food Security Coordinator
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Mountain Roots Healthy Futures AmeriCorps
Gunnison, CO, USA
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10 days ago

Food Security Coordinator


This position will coordinate collaborative and equitable food access programs such as food rescue, cooking classes, community gardens, Spanish language food assistance distributions, and senior outreach.

Gunnison food security organizations collaborate on targeted, innovative efforts to reduce food
insecurity and increase self-sufficiency among underserved rural community members. The member
joins a small but passionate team and serves to combat rural food deserts, food insecurity and obesity by developing new and strengthening existing programs for children and adults that increase access to
and use of food assistance services promoting healthy eating, active lifestyles, economic development,
and environmental stewardship.
Rural food systems initiatives combine education programs, community gardens local farms, and
community food security programs. In this role, members actively engage with low-income and other
underserved audiences: develop current access strategies into lasting programs that increase access to
and consumption of fresh, nutritious food; build self-sufficiency and improve individual and community
health; address the root causes of poverty/social determinants of health; and bridge age, cultural, and
socioeconomic gaps. Primary activities include Cooking Matters courses, food demonstrations, garden
distribution, and food rescue programs.