Equine apprentice
Friesians of Majesty
Townshend, VT, USA
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30+ days ago

Equine apprentice

This is a unique opportunity to learn about many facets of the horse industry in one place. Learning opportunities vary by year and season.
They include breeding activities such as stallion collection, processing semen, ultra-sounding mares, foaling out mares, imprinting babies, embryo transfer assistance; equine husbandry such as proper care and feeding for different weather situations, age groups, genders, type of work the horse is in, how to communicate with horses; proper dressage riding techniques; training young horses; carriage and sleigh driving; showing and correct grooming techniques.

The work on a horse farm is always different from day to day depending on the season and duties vary in nature. All tasks have horses and their care in focus.
Time is split between daily barn chores and new learning experiences.
Nearly everything is taught on the job and the apprentices assist and if possible, later performs the task on their own.

Work duties change and expand with the growing knowledge of the apprentices and their own abilities and interests.

The average workday consists of 8 work hours but due to the nature of a horse farm longer days are possible and to be expected for example during foaling seasson and events. Those days offer unique learning experiences for the apprentice and additional hours of instruction.

No matter what facet of the industry you are looking to be part of this experience will help to make you a valuable and employable asset for the horse industry.