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Gary A. Watson & Associates
Los Angeles, CA, USA
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30+ days ago


Internship Description: My practice covers all aspects of entertainment law, including film, television, theater and music and some litigation. Accordingly, you will have exposure to litigation and the creative, business and legal aspects of the entertainment industry. Specifically, as and when I determine possible, you shall experience the day to day workings of an entertainment law office. This shall give you the opportunity to gain an understanding of just how legal issues in the entertainment industry are addressed. Additionally, as and when I determine possible, you shall be given the opportunity to interact with clients and learn about the type of employment and transactional contracts that are created in the entertainment industry and about certain litigation matters. Your responsibilities will also include administrative, secretarial and paralegal, legal and/or other duties such as answering phones, managing calls, managing calendar, drafting e-mail, correspondence and documents, word processing, creating spread sheets, billing and collections, ordering supplies and maintaining files. While executing your responsibilities, it is expected that you will demonstrate that you are mature, responsible, self motivated, hard working, detail oriented, tech savvy, personable and will take ownership of your work
to make sure that it is accurately and timely completed in all respects and that you are able to work under the pressure of the demands of deadlines and a heavy work load. You will also be expected to learn quickly and with a minimal amount of training. Please see my website for more on my law firm, experience and expertise, which will be the basis for you to have the opportunity to learn all that you desire (and please know that I do handle some court or other non-entertainment transactional matters).

Applicants, please send me the information requested below in the form of a proposal (I look forward to receiving all in one proposal).

Please send this proposal to: ------------ as soon as possible, and it would be great if I may receive it by no later than 3.15.21 (since I am actively looking, please include each item requested with all relevant details in just one e-mail, as incomplete proposals will not be considered due to time constraints, but if you need more time, please let me know how much more time you need).

In your proposal, please:

(i) indicate the exact internship period (exact start and end dates) and the exact days, times and hours that you would like to intern and therefore guarantee that you would be available to intern, as well as, when you may come to the office for an in-person interview (which is required and costs and expenses for which shall not be paid). Please note that I am not offering a remote internship. All interns will intern in my office.

(ii) Salary/Benefits: The Dept. of Labor and State of CA require interns at a for-profit company (like mine) to either be paid, receive academic credit for the internship, or OPT. Since these laws are applicable to you, I therefore request and desire that you obtain school credit or OPT for the internship (and please know that I would like to make sure the Department of Labor and State of California requirements are met). Please therefore let me know if in light of the foregoing there is a way for you to become eligible to receive school credit or OPT for the internship and therefore if you can and will intern for credit or OPT and exactly what will be required of you and me in order that you obtain school credit or OPT (as well as provide all supporting documentation, including, without limitation, all applications, information sheets, internet postings and contracts, which are often found available on the internet, on a school’s website, or available through the proper person at a school, and it is important that you provide them to me so that you and I understand the content thereof and are fine with the same).

Please know that with many schools and other institutions it is often quite a lengthy process to be approved to obtain academic credit for an internship, or to obtain OPT. Thus, I would strongly suggest that you immediately research on the internet and find a school that will allow you to enroll to obtain school credit for an internship with me (as it is illegal to "volunteer," as per what is indicated above) and/or meet with the proper person at a school, who may fully explain the process to you (as well as provide all supporting documentation, including, without limitation, all applications, information sheets, internet postings and contracts, which are often found available on the internet).

Your consideration shall be solely school credit. No benefits will be provided for gas, for parking or otherwise. Please note that I currently pay $290/month for parking and that there are other options that may be more cost effective, so you may want to explore them.

If your school does not provide credit for this type of internship, or if you are not currently enrolled in school, I believe that you may find if you do some research that there are local schools that will offer credit for an internship and thus allow you to immediately enroll and thus qualify for my unpaid internship.

(iii) indicate that you are interested in an unpaid internship and open to handling any and all administrative, secretarial, paralegal and legal work that would be made available.

(iv) indicate the type of experience that you would like to obtain. and

(v) also provide a letter of recommendation and your latest transcript.