Electrical Engineer
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Electrical Engineer

Lumos Infinitas USA, inc is a technology startup company engaged in optical sensing business. The Irvine, Orange county, CA site is seeking a motivated and hands-on summer intern with a strong background in electronic instrumentation and a general understanding of optics. As an intern, you will be working with a supervisor with a Ph.D degree and years of engineering experience. This is a valuable opportunity to gain practical experience in a dynamic and innovative environment.

The scope of the responsibilities include,

1. Communicate with instrumentation vendors to understand how the equipment works.
2. Hands-on work including soldering, circuit assembly, and debugging/setting up some electronic instrumentations.
3. Procure discrete optical and electronic components.
4. Set up an optical test system on optical breadboard using discrete components.
5. Assist in the documentation of experimental procedures and results.
6. Participate in team meetings, brainstorming sessions, and project discussions.
7. Maintain a clean and organized work environment.
8. Adhere to safety guidelines and protocols.

Qualifications and skills,

1. A student in her/his senior year of master or Ph.D program, in electrical engineering, optics, physics, or a related field, with a minimal of one year lab experience in optics.
2. Hands-on experience with electronics, feel very comfortable with Printed Circuit Board (PCB), soldering, and the use of electronic instruments such as multimeter, oscilloscope, etc.
3. Understand basic concepts of laser linewidth, coherent detection, polarization.
4. Literature search and procurement on needed subjects.
5. Capable of writing simple programs in python (preferred), matlab, or other programming languages to conduct data analysis is a plus.
6. Experience with patent writing is a plus.

Please send your resume to: ------------