Customer Service

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Customer Service


San Diego location preferred

Who We Are

Inergize Health is a wellness products company geared toward high performers and individuals who are focused on being a healthier version of themselves.

We build high-quality cold plunges (like ice baths, but better, cleaner, and more convenient). Our customers include pro golfers, startup CEOs, and MMA fighters.

Cold plunges are one of the best ways to increase energy, reduce stress, instill discipline, and accelerate recovery. We focus on helping our customers be the best they can be and we have fun doing it.

We are still in the scrappy, early-stage startup stage. So far we've successfully launched on Indiegogo and followed that up with lots of 5-star customer reviews.

We’re a small team of hard working, mission-driven individuals from our Founder, Ciaran, to our manufacturing and logistics teams. We believe that a culture that promotes learning both inside and outside of the workday is a key factor in having a successful team.

Mission / Purpose

The Customer Service and Operations Intern will be interacting with our customers on a daily basis. This role is particularly important because this individual will directly impact the experience our customers have with the Inergize team. Early on in a startup, nothing is more important than a strong relationship with customers. This team member will be the driving force behind these relationships and creating smooth, seamless communication with them. Because this will be our first Customer Service team member, this individual will help optimize and build processes within the customer service department.


-Reply to customer questions, concerns, and challenges via email and social media
-Connect with customers on the phone when questions, concerns, and challenges call for a more in-depth approach
-Create processes, templates, videos, and systems to help streamline customer service and communication
-Update the existing process based on the customer input and common questions
-Create and communicate clear reports to the founder based on customer input, questions, and challenges

Potential responsibilities as the role expands

-Prepare events with the founder and help optimize the event quality to spread awareness, build the brand, and drive new customers
-Support with sales and sales related activities
-Support with outreach and communication to develop partnerships with aligned brands


-Experience in a customer facing job
-Willingness to communicate with customers on the phone, via email, and via social media
-A strong desire to learn
-Ability to flow with the changes and challenges that can pop up in a startup environment
-Desire to contribute to helping people live happier, healthier lives
-A general interest in health and wellness

Much of this role can be done remotely. We prefer San Diego based candidates because of the opportunity to work on events and interact with the product hands-on.

$16.50 / hour - starting pay