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Category Structure

Hello All,

I am looking for an individual who has a clear mind when it comes to category structure for an advertising website. I run a classified advertising website. I have 9 Listing Types (Top most categories). In each listing type there will be 3 levels of categories. So for example:

Listing Type: Community

In the community listing type are the following 3 category levels:

Category Level 1: Activities
Category Level 2: Indoor or Outdoor
Category Level 3: Preschool, Children & Teens, Adults, Adults / Seniors

I have several other listing types that I will need to have structured according to what the listing types are. If you can handle such a task, please don't hesitate to offer your help, I am willing to pay for this as I understand it will take some time and thought. I have already started and you can look through what I have already done, but it seems I have lost my focus with the category level structure. My website is: ------------ you can find the listing types at the top of the page. If you want to see the category level structure, you will need to login as demo/demo, and then click the post ad button, then choose Community listing type to see how I started the structure. If you have a better structure for the category levels, I am up for that, but as for the Listing Types, I would prefer to keep them as is.


Best Regards,