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Academic Tutorials Specialist

MUST SPEAK SPANISH! ESL Certification or Experience may be considered to substitute for Spanish fluency.
Positions start ASAP for qualified candidates.

Bilingual Instructional Specialist – READING / ELA

New openings post weekly.

Must have a strong math and English background, evidenced by college transcript
Effective interpersonal communication skills
Ability to relate to students with various academic levels and needs
B.A. or B.S. Degree Preferred.

Please send resume ASAP!

Job summary
The Instructional Specialists will take an active part in developing each student’s academic abilities. Instructional Specialists will provide academic tutorials and academic support to students of all academic levels. These tutorials may be within small group, in-class (push-in) or individualized instruction at school and at home. Yancy Life Instructional Specialists will support the schools instructional program with the flexibility to adapt teaching methods and motivational strategies to fit individual students as well as campus needs.

Instructors will teach students to:
• Generally include the correct verb tense for the task, but have some errors, especially
• when using irregular or complex tenses
• Demonstrate overall familiarity using basic grammar features and may include some
• complex grammatical structures
• Include grammar errors when using less common language structures, which interfere
• somewhat with communication
• Analyze how the author develops informational texts to support the main points or argument
• Make complex inferences within and between literary and informational texts, supporting those inferences with relevant. textual evidence
• Analyze literary texts by recognizing how the point of view and portrayal of characters influence plot development and theme
• Demonstrate an understanding of informational texts by identifying the author’s purpose and central argument and accurately summarizing the text
• Recognize the logical connections and thematic links between texts representing similar or different genres
• Make reasonable inferences about literary and informational texts, supporting those inferences with relevant textual evidence
• Write skillfully crafted essays with a sustained focus, substantial development, and an organizing structure that clearly shows the relationships among ideas
• Choose purposeful, varied, and well-controlled sentences when writing or revising texts
• Write essays that establish a clear controlling idea, use appropriate organizational strategies and language to create a coherent piece of writing, and sufficiently develop ideas with specific details and examples
• Revise drafts to improve the effectiveness of sentences, strengthen the development of ideas by adding or deleting information, improve the progression of ideas, and ensure that word choice is appropriate and point of view is consistent
• Demonstrate an adequate command of age-appropriate written conventions

The Instructional Specialist will have student caseloads of low-performing students to monitor and track (model very similar to what is used with Special Education students).

Summary of essential job functions:
Provide instruction in Reading or Writing.
Provide instruction in small groups, individual, or push-in as established by campus need.
Provide instruction to 1-8 students per session.
The Instructional Specialist must group students based on guidelines defined by campus or Yancy Life.
The Instructional Specialist must make sure identified students are coming to tutorial sessions.
The Instructional Specialist must be engaged with students throughout the entire tutorial session.
The Instructional Specialist must keep accurate daily attendance of students receiving services.
The Instructional Specialist must maintain an accurate log of student progress and development.
The Instructional Specialist must review testing data to support instructional content being delivered.
The Instructional Specialist must prepare materials and/or mini-lessons to be delivered to students based on needs identified by assessments or campus staff.

Yancy Life received its 501(c) (3) on January 23, 2003, making it a publicly funded organization. The organization serves as a premier outlet for youth extra curricular activities serving students from grades 1st through 12th.

The organization also offers various enrichment programs to its participants. These programs include: Step Team, Aerobics (for Parents), Arts and Crafts, B. A. M. (male mentoring / etiquette), Chess Club, Computer Literacy (for Adults, and Students), Science / Robotics, Dance, Drum line, ESL Workshops, F. A. M. E (female mentoring / etiquette), Homework Club, Gardening, Journalism, Keyboarding, Media and Technology, Photography, Self-Defense, Special Events, Sports Clinics, and STAAR Tutorials.

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Rate Chart:
Bachelors Degree: Up to $22.50
Masters Degree: 18.50 - $23.50
Certified Teachers $25.00 - Negotiable

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Job Types: Full-time, Part-time, Contract

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