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San Luis Obispo, CA, USA
Job Posted:
30+ days ago



Exciting PT/FT opportunity for positive, customer service oriented individuals for upscale, private wine club / lounge!

Immediate Hire!

Multiple franchises throughout the U.S., including SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA!

College students looking to supplement income during the school year and summer are welcome to apply!

Must be open to learning about WINE!

$22.50/hour. No tipping allowed. CASH OPTION AVAILABLE.

No experience required. Entry level is OK.

Training provided.

Must be 18 years or older. Other than that, age is not a factor, just so you fit the job description!

Please call------------ to hear a recording about the job. It is essential that you call to hear the FULL recording! This is a 805 area code but this club is located in SAN LUIS OBISPO, close to the Cal Poly campus. You may also email us at: ------------ Attn: Pamela Parker

PLEASE DO NOT CALL EXPECTING TO SPEAK WITH US UNLESS YOU HAVE HEARD BOTH FULL RECORDINGS! Please do not hang up in the middle of either recording! You will save yourself a lot of trouble if you just take the time to follow the instructions correctly.

After you hear the recording, you may call us or email us at: ------------. Please be sure to state in your email that you have heard the full recording!

Once again, to hear the recording, cal8057 5555 50. You can call 24/7. Weekends and holidays are OK. The recording will answer all of your questions. Please be prepared with pen and paper if we are unable to pick up. It is OK to be persistent! We hire regularly throughout the calendar year and you are always welcome to apply. If you cannot get through the first time please keep trying!

Make sure to include your full name, phone number and location. Please do not respond if you are not going to include your phone number!

If your carrier is T Mobile or Metro PCS, you may have some difficulties getting through to the recording. If this is the case, try to call the recording from a non T Mobile phone or let us know and we will provide a workaround so you can hear the recording.

Info regarding your geographic location, pertinent work experience, work availability, pics, resume will be helpful as wellpamelajparkeratcoxdotnet. Those applicants who take the time to submit photos (not professional) can expect to get priority!