Tech Support
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TPK Wireless
East Point, GA, USA
Job Posted:
8 days ago

Tech Support

This is not a remote position. Transportation and commute is required.

We're seeking a Device Repair Consultant with a passion for helping others and a background in Tech Support, Customer Service, or Retail Sales. The successful candidates will be responsible for answering problems brought to them by customers, troubleshooting technical issues (hardware related) within the device(s). We are looking for candidates with excellent communication skills who can work well under pressure.


-This position focuses on phones, tablets, and computer/laptops.
-Hands-on technical support with electronic devices (similar to an Apple Genius)
-This position will eventually advance into a Repair Technician (one who performs repair on cellphone, tablets, and laptop/computers) but will start off and be trained as a Tech Support that diagnose issues.
-Starting pay $14-$16 hour based on experience and knowledge (plus commission and mid year raises)
-Troubleshoot problems that customers are having with their electronic device.
-Help customers understand the issue they are experiencing and educate/explain to them why it occurs.
-Listen to customers technical problem and solve the issue.
-Help customers find accessories that will accommodate their needs.
-Explain the warranty policy to the customers.
-5% software related issues and 95% hardware related issues.
-Must be available on weekends (Saturdays).
-Applicant must be open to learning and must be able to invest time into studying outside of work daily.