Solar Appointment Setter
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Origin Solutions
Ontario, CA, USA
Job Posted:
12 days ago

Solar Appointment Setter

1. Willing to learn & willing to progress
2. Be personable and have a people skills
3. Loves helping communities
4. Not afraid of challenges
5. Be coachable and have the ability and willingness to develop others.

1. Generate qualified assessments for licensed consultants.
2. Visit clients and educate them on programs that we provide.
3. Track and manage database of solar assessments
4. Answer any customer’s questions and create referrals
5. Maintain professionalism with both team members and customers
6. Track performance by learning from senior managers and being able to develop others.

1. 24/7 mentorship provided
2. A systematic approach in prospecting, training, interviewing, and managing
3. Fun Team nights
4. Travel opportunities
5. Opportunity to move up.