Dashing Star Farm
Millerton, NY, USA
Job Posted:
30+ days ago


This position is a full time w-2 position with hours expected to be 35-40 hours per week on site with a five day work week, Monday through Friday. Some work weeks in January through May might shift to Tuesday through Saturday in order to have coverage to observe sheep during lambing season. This includes a paid 30 minute lunch break and reasonable restroom breaks. Personal tasks and non-farm work related cell phone calls/texts/emails are restricted to lunch break or unpaid time.
Tasks involve physical labor and the ability to lift items weighing 40 to 50 lbs. The employee is also required to work with livestock – sheep and poultry. The employee is responsible for providing their own suitable work clothing, outerwear, and footware. Work gloves, hand sanitizer and facemasks are supplied by the employer. The employee is responsible for maintaining proper social distancing and hand sanitation.
Work conditions include rain, snow, heat and cold. The work environment varies from indoors to outdoors and includes working in barns around dust and animal bedding. Tools worked with include wheelbarrows pitchforks, rakes, shovels, lopping shears, grass shears, brooms, dustpans, vacuums and scrapers.
Daily tasks include providing livestock with feed and water, including moving buckets of grain and water and bales of hay. At times the employee will be required to assist in moving and securing sheep and lambs including the use of halters and other restraints. The employee is also required to assist with regular FAMACHA scoring checks of sheep and lambs. Basic observations of livestock conditions are expected, as is communicating any concerns to the employer.
Wool picking is another regular task expected to be performed. This involves standing at or sitting next to a wool rack, removing vegetative matter from wool fleece and sorting it by texture and color. It also requires lifting and moving full bags of wool. Assistance with sorting and bagging wool when shearing is taking place is also required.
Other work tasks include, but are not limited to:
Barn cleaning and interim cleaning of pens/sheds and rebedding same with clean hay
Weeding fencelines, pruning shrubs and brush and weeding herb gardens
Moving irrigation hoses, setting up outdoor waterers and water/feed troughs
Shift animals between grazing areas to ensure that they have sufficient access to feed and water
Cleaning and installing paper liners in the chicken brooder unit
Cleaning and rebedding chicken roosts
Shoveling snow or bedding away from doorways and pen entries
Scrubbing livestock waterers and buckets regularly
Moving bins and counting, measuring, photographing and weighing products for purposes of inventory
Accepting packages that are delivered to the farm and providing packages to couriers
Unloading bags of feed and salt and putting them into receptacles
Assisting with seasonal installation/storage of air conditioning units and fans
Collecting eggs daily from roosts and around barns
Seeding/overseeding pastures
Maintaining farm security by checking gates and doors are properly closed or open
Monitoring pastures and buildings for predator incursions and applying appropriate deterrents
Assisting with social media and website content

The position is based on the farm in Millerton, NY and is available immediately. It is an excellent opportunity for someone interested in learning all aspects of a small pasture-based farming operation.

Sheep Farm, Farm Assistant