Project Lead
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Newt Gardens
Santa Cruz, CA, USA
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30+ days ago

Project Lead

Newt Gardens is looking for a hard working, knowledgeable individual to join our team at 18/hr.
We are a Santa Cruz based Landscaping company, specializing in native plants. We prioritize promotion of sustainable ecosystems in peoples backyard, care deeply about plants and animals, and look to create habitat for native birds, bugs, and bees.

We frequently do full garden overhauls. This involves building fences and garden boxes, making paths with pavers, laying rocks, moving dirt, and digging trenches. We need someone who had experience using power tools, including table and miter saws.

The ideal candidate would have quick problem solving skills, be able to listen and take constructive criticism, have carpenter experience and be a good team leader. We also hope that someone would have a passion for gardening and plants (or for learning about it!), as we often need help with that aspect of work too.

We have many fun and friendly people on our team, and truly want to find someone who fits in well with out community.