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Watts of Love
Downers Grove, IL, USA
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Program Coordinator

Watts of Love is a global nonprofit bringing people the power to raise themselves out of the darkness of poverty through solar lighting. Watts of Love serves the poorest of the poor in developing nations. From young mothers and fathers seeking to provide for their families to seniors who have worked hard all their lives, we help individuals in impoverished countries break free of dependence on the toxic kerosene that is often their only light source. Those we help often have little or no education and lack confidence that their lives can improve. Watts of Love instills that confidence by connecting them with resources, skills, and knowledge they can use to realize stability and self-reliance. Watts of Love has been able to increase our impact year after year with this past year distributing upwards of 15,000 lights. Watts of Love has seen many families step into economic freedom and the hope for a new future for generations to come. They are able to purchase livestock, start small businesses, pay for education, and create new streams of income. They learn to believe that everything is possible!

Position: Program Coordinator

• Support curriculum for onboarding global partnerships and training international staff and volunteers on necessary procedures
• Manage, recruit, and support global partnerships and international travelers
• Oversee data input, record keeping, inventory, shipping, traveler fundraising, and internships

• Onboard travelers
o Oversee and manage communication between travelers and Watts of Love team
o Reviewing applications
o Booking flights and accommodations
o Collecting passports & storing electronically
o Visa collection
o Gather emergency (ICE) contact information
o Organize photo/video and social media release waivers, shirt size
o Ensure all travelers have all necessary documentation, vaccinations, etc.

• Managing Travelers
o Create application
o Steward all traveler relationships and communication
o Create fundraising campaigns
o Manage fundraising campaigns
o Ensure trip cost have been paid
o Creating useful content to guide travelers and create sense of security and comfortability
o Schedule meeting between travelers and Watts of Love

• Managing and creating travel details & itineraries
o Flights
o Lodging
o Fundraising using Classy, Facebook, etc.
o Need approval from Global Programs Director
o Ensure proper photography of each traveler

• Budget
o Gather pricing and budget information
o Compare pricing for accommodations, flights, etc.
o Need approval by Global Programs director
o Manage post travel expenses

• Marketing
o Recruit people to travel with Watts of Love
o Create marketing content for all trips
o Update website on all travel information
o Create email campaigns
o Create social media content
o Collaborate with head of social media on posting and outreach

• In-Office Travel Preparation
o Ensure local partner is prepared for our arrival
o Ensure in-country transportation is arranged
o Pack emergency medical supplies
o Create trip binder
o Gather all necessary trip supplies
o Collaborate with Watts of Love team to see what supplies and information is necessary for tip

• In-Country Travel
o Support all pre, post, and present travel endeavors
o Oversee and focus on travelers
o Track all expenses
o Pack and bring all necessary supplies
o Assist other Watts of Love team members in the field
o Communicate with in-country partners during travel

• Supports Lighthouse Managers and other local partners
o Maintain communication with partners
o Track distributions
o Collect data
o Continuously update documentation for to be best fit for partner
o Review evaluations
o Communicate with development on what data and reporting they require
o Focus on better relationships and information for partners
• Supporting Global Programs Director in creating and maintaining new relationships

• Track and organize inventory
o Lights
o Apparel
o Miscellaneous items
• Shopify
o Send and manage all online product orders
Job Qualifications and Requirements
• A bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience
• Ability for strategic thinking and planning.
• Solid organizational abilities
• Unwavering commitment to quality programs
• Strong written and oral communication skills
• Strong commitment to Watts of Love Core Values and Zotheka.