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POTOMAC, MD-Sweet parents in the DC AREA are seeking a FULL-TIME NANNY to care for their two children with special needs, ages 9 (boy) and 6 (girl). Hours are from 7:30am-4:30pm Monday-Friday when the kids are not in school and from 6:30-8:30am and 4-6:30pm (split shift) Monday-Friday when school is in session. They would love help on weekends as well, but it is not required. OPEN TO ALL US CANDIDATES. Basic relocation assistance provided such as travel costs and extra luggage. Position can be LIVE IN or LIVE OUT. Live-in arrangements consist of a private basement bedroom and mostly private bathroom (with the exception of emergencies as they only have one bathroom upstairs) with a private entrance, TV and living space. They have a 45 lb. boxer/poodle mix who has a doggie door and is primarily cared for by the eldest child. Duties include helping with homework, getting the kids to and from the bus stop, bathing kiddos, help with toileting, light housework, laundry for kids, unloading and loading dishes from dishwasher, tidying up, cleaning own bathroom (in basement), administering medication and taking youngest to therapy. Family car is provided and is available for personal usage. The eldest has ADHD (medicated) and some anxiety. He is highly intelligent and gifted but can get frustrated easily and likes to be listened to. Explaining the “why” behind rules is very important to him. They use a marble reward system with him and try to provide a daily schedule to make sure he reads and practices piano and violin daily. He can fight his schedule and try to get away with things, so it’s important that the nanny can be firm when needed, patient and able to recognize when he needs a break. Their youngest is 6 but is similar to a 2-year-old developmentally as she has a novel genetic disorder that causes severe developmental delays and myoclonic seizures (similar to tremors). She is super sweet, social, lovable, tenacious, helpful, and absolutely adorable. She is mostly potty trained but needs constant reminders every hour to 1.5 hours, as she has a difficult time vocalizing when she needs to go. She occasionally is in a diaper in special situations (i.e. if going on a long walk with no nearby restrooms, long car rides, etc.), but that is not the norm. Must be willing to stay on top of her potty schedule and be willing to clean after her if she has an accident. She is 48 lbs. and needs to be lifted. She can walk on her own but needs help. She is non-verbal but uses cues that are easy to understand and is in PT and speech therapy Mondays and Tuesdays in person and needs to be driven there by the nanny. She can drink and feed herself and can hold a pen but her fine motor skills are delayed. She loves cooking, helping around the house, “My Little Pony” and “Frozen”. They are seeking a nanny who is patient yet firm when needed. Someone who is proactive and able to come up with creative ways to get their children engaged and excited about educational activities. Someone who can employ OT/PT tasks in exciting, creative and fun ways that encourages the youngest’s participation. They are looking for someone who can incorporate their son in these activities as well, as their youngest requires the most attention. Benefits include paid sick days and vacation. Pay is $30-40K/year DOE. Start date is mid-August.  

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