Haitian Creole Speaker
Concord, MA, USA
Job Posted:
30+ days ago

Haitian Creole Speaker

I am looking for native speakers of Haitian Creole to be the voices on our upcoming Haitian Creole language recording project in Concord, Mass. No acting or voiceover experience is necessary.

We make the Pimsleur programs, a do-it-yourself product for people to learn to speak foreign languages.

The project will be taking place in January. The chosen speakers will need to come to a recording session. The session, date to be determined, will be in the evening hours, in our office, and pay $150. But first things first -- I welcome all qualified candidates to submit an audition. I’ll send you the simple Creole word list and you read it aloud while recording your voice on your phone. Then you send the sound file to me. The audition is like a job interview for your voice. After the audition period is complete, in a few weeks, we will choose one man and one woman for the job. We will choose the people with the best voices. If you're interested please email me for more information and the audition materials.