Speech language pathologist assistant, SLP-A
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Location: Houston, TX, United States
University: DSU
Major: Communication Sciences and Disorders

Speech language pathologist assistant, SLP-A


Speech Language Pathologist - Assistant

Professional Summary
Licensed SLP-A committed to achieving quality and above average patient outcomes as a key member of a
multidisciplinary case-management team. Accomplished therapist familiar with numerous aspects of managing,
maintaining, and treatment of several speech, language and social disorders.

Certifications and Licenses
Licensed Speech Language Pathologist Assistant, SLP-A, STA in TX since 2007.
CPR Certified - February 2016

Skill Highlights
Knowledgeable of ASHA-approved SLPA job
responsibilities Familiar with AAC devices, with Parent And Child
Accurately reviews & summarizes client Centered Education Services (PACES), Speech
performance and Language Communication Disorders, Early
Uses age-appropriate & culturally sensitive Childhood Intervention (ECI), Classroom Inclusion
treatment materials therapies, Social Skill Development, Autism
Outpatient therapy background Spectrum, Down Syndrome etc
Medicaid billing competency Assists in Individualized Education Plan (IEP)
Culturally Sensitive development
Maintains on-task or redirects off-task behavior of Provides appropriate behavioral reinforcement
clients in individual or group treatment consistent consistent with client's developmental age, cultural
with developmental age, communication style and preferences, & communication disorder
disorder Identifies & describes relevant client responses to
Completes documentation and other tasks in a timely SLP

Professional Duties

Provide pediatric speech and language therapy services under the supervision of a licensed SLP in home, clinic
and school settings.
Assisted in IEP goal development and gave professional input determining student progress.
Created individualized carry-over plans for outpatient and home health therapy clients to enhance therapeutic
Educated parents on various ways to stimulate speech and language at appropriate times throughout their child's
Routinely evaluated effects of treatment and adjusted to achieve maximum benefit. patient intake volume by
accepting and maintaining above average caseloads.
Ensured parents understood and implemented Home Education/ Carry-Over Plans effectively.
Met with school officials to advocate for and strive to ensure Autistic students have the best school environment to
produce, encourage and maintain successful learning.
Provided the highest quality of care to patients and their families.

Education and Training
Bachelors of Arts – Communication Sciences & Disorders, Minor - Business Administration and Management,

Delta State University, Cleveland, MS
Certified in Picture Exchange Communication (P.E.C.S.) - October 2013
Autism Spectrum Awareness and Intervention - 2014
Routines Based Early Intervention (birth-3 yrs) - 2011
Routines Based Early Intervention (Parent and Child) - 2011
Infant and Toddler Mental Health - 2010

Raised weekly average patient visit volume through improved scheduling and rapid insurance
approval turnaround.
Earned repeated commendations from supervisor and patients for providing high-quality, compassionate care.
Increased company/clinic revenue by ensuring clients received maximum weekly/monthly therapy sessions.
Created fresh and innovative therapy techniques that intrigues fellow supervisors and therapist.

Relevant Work History
Speech Language Pathologist Assistant 11/2013 to 05/2016
Epic Health Services, Houston , TX
Speech Language Pathologist Assistant 05/2012 to 12/2014
Zion Pediatric Therapy Services Houston, TX
Speech Language Pathologist Assistant (Contract) 05/2012 to 10/2012
Speak EZ Therapy Services Houston, TX
Speech Language Pathologist Assistant 07/2009 to 09/2012
Care Options for Kids San Antonio, TX
School Based Speech Language Pathologist Assistant (Contract) 10/2010 to 06/2011
Progressus Therapy/Judson ISD San Antonio, TX
Speech Language Pathologist Assistant
Easter Seals Rehabilitation Center San Antonio, TX
P.A.C.E.S. ECI San Antonio, TX

Community Service
Coach, Pee Wee Soccer, Fall 2013
Coach, Little League Football, Winter 2014
Coach, Little League Soccer, Winter 2015
Coach, Little League Football, Winter 2016
Part-time Sunday school instructor
Volunteered as project manager at Continue Care Retirement Home
Volunteered to help implement structural and administrative changes at Children's Shelter, Cleveland, MS.

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