Operation Manager
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Location: Houston, TX, United States
School: University of Houston Downtown
Major: Finance

Operation Manager

Alim Celik


● Highly organized and independent; able to effectively coordinate tasks to accomplish projects with timeliness and creativity.
● An organized, detail-oriented, and conscientious self-starter, able to strategize and prioritize effectively to accomplish multiple tasks and stay calm under pressure.
● Established good working relationships with customers/clients.


BS in Computer Science and Minor in Business Administration, North American University
Houston-Texas – May 2016
Scholarship: NAU Academic Achievement Scholarship, 2012-2016 GPA: 3.56

MBA in Finance and Investment Management, University of Houston-Downtown
Houston-Texas – Aug 2018 Current GPA: 3.71


Cyber Security Lab Member, North American University
Houston-Texas – September 2015 – May 2016
• Complete web server penetration testing using SQL injection and Cross Site Scripting to achieve through various challenges.
• Found an administrator password of a vulnerable website using SQL injection.
• Created a free order using Cross Site Scripting and decrypting a hidden text from an image.

IT Specialist, North American University
Houston-Texas — September 2015-June 2016
• Assist with user management of Campus View, Active Directory and OFFICE 365 by creating Student, Staff and Instructor ID Cards, and opening an account on Campus View and Active Directory.
• Provide licenses from Office 365 for MyNAU Moodle for students and staff, and support students when they encounter problems with those systems.
• Prepare and fix staff computers. Assign a computer to each professor and modify computers according to their needs. This includes upgrading RAM capacity, Hard Disk capacity and troubleshooting.

Business Management, VERA SUPPLY LLC
Houston-Texas — August 2016-June 2017
• Managing business relationships with carriers/ vendors / subcontractors
• Business planning involves developing business goals, and designing strategies and organizing business resources to advance those goals.
• Maintaining good customer relationships include problem-solving.
• Monitoring performance, rules, and policies.




• Light version of Facebook created with Laravel framework. Scope: Worked in team of 5 people for performance improvement store and process data efficiently. Tools: Data Structures in PHP.


5th Place at 2015 TEXSAW Cyber Security Competition, November, 2015
• Consisted of workshop and “capture the flag” competition, including, “Web Server Vulnerability”, “Penetration Testing using KALI LINUX dist.”

• Russian Festival, Houston, October 2015
• International Cultural Festival, Houston, April 2013


• Turkish(Native)
• English