Computational Finance
Location: Houston, TX, United States
School: DePaul Univeristy
Major: Computational Finance


• DePaul University, Chicago, IL – Masters of Business Administration with Distinctions in Finance - GPA 3.8
• University of Jordan, Amman, Jordan – Bachelor’s degree in Finance
Professional Experience DePaul University – Kellstadt Graduate School of Business – Chicago, IL
Research Assistant – Finance Department
2016 2011
2016- 2017
Hussein Abu Alim
Finance professional with up to five years of working experience in the financial sector. Hold two specialized certifications within the
field, CAMS and CFE. Furthermore, graduated with an MBA in Finance, and a second Masters Degree in Computational Finance. I look forward to work with a reputable and/or international company that motivates innovation, creativity, and teamwork.
Education & Credentials
• DePaul University, Chicago, IL – Masters of Science in Mathematical & Computational Finance with Distinctions-GPA 3.8 2017
• Helped professor SeĢbastien Michenaud in his research efforts on The Casual Effects of Short-Selling Constraints on corporate stock prices, capital structure, incentives, risk management techniques and other factors.
• Used python code to download 10-k filings from EDGAR FTP Server, for the Russell2000. Iterated over text files & parsed HTML/XML to Json & cleansed data. Ran jobs on Hadoop clusters using AWS, programmed Map/ Reduce code using python.
• Programmed databases using SQLite. Populated databases with data obtained from 10-ks. Queried data using hive, pig, sql.
• Derivative Valuation, (Swaps, costless Collars, options, puts/calls), using models such as Black Scholes.
• Statistically analyzed data using SAS & R-Studio (Regression, Hypothesis testing, Monte Carlo Simulations and other tests).
• Assisted professor Martin Essenburg. Gathered Survey data, Interviewed experts & executives, searched the internet, visualized
& statistically analyzed findings, prepared slides & recommendations for executive committees.
• Currently assisting professor Peter Hastings, professor of Artificial intelligence, in his research on topics such as Machine
learning, neural networks, deep learning, natural language processing and A.I.
Jordan Ahli Bank – Amman, Jordan 2011- 2016 Compliance Officer & Risk analyst
• Data filtration Process. Lead a team of five. Tested compliance with the FATCA/KYC requirements by the Central Bank of Jordan,
audited the cliental account opening process at Jordan Ahli bank, reviewed a random sample of 1600 files, statistically analyzed
the data, and reported findings to senior management. Lead the Data governance/filtering and automation process.
• Drafted AML/KYC/FATCA policies and procedures as well as regularly reviewed policies & procedures for different departments.
• Developed an Automated AML/Fraud investigation and SAR reporting mechanism that helped organize the procedure and Save
considerable time to the process, as well as handling CTR reports.
• Helped in the preparation of training material and provided AML/Compliance and FATCA training to customer service
employees that helped in Minimizing compliance risk.
• Helped in setting customer profiling and KYC/FATCA requirements for the new core banking system that is currently under
implementation by setting the fields required in each process.
• Handled AML/Fraud investigations and reported findings to the regulatory agency, which in return helped identify high risk
clients, keeping them under surveillance for future investigations.
• Using a risk based approach rated our branches from high, medium to low risk by reviewing the audit reports regarding branch
operations from the period of 2011-2014, and followed up with the branch compliance officers to assure future compliance. All
of the branches took actual measures to help minimize such risks and the audit reports for those particular branches improved.
• Carried out a Capital adequacy assessment compliance test, credit concentration and collateral coverage requirements.
• Analyzed new banking products, reported their risks, which in return helped the bank mitigate such exposures.
• AML/OFAC Modeling using python, R & SAS. Built ML-classifiers using numpy, pandas & SKlearn. Vendor Model testing/ tuning.
Mowafi Group – Amman, Jordan Real Estate Agent
• Helped the company raise $500,000 in property sales through negotiating favorable deals for the company. Certifications
• Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist Designation (CAMS)
• Certified Fraud Examiner Designation (CFE)
Software & Computer Skills
Python, C++, SQL, SAS, SPSS, R studio, Java, Hadoop, Hive, Spark, Pig, Linux, AWS, Excel, VBA, Tableau, Bloomberg, FircoSoft Community Involvement, Professional Affiliation & Spoken Languages
2008 – 2010
2012 2013
• Arabic Tutor DePaul university • Speaks English, Arabic & Russian

Finance, Risk, AML, Fraud, Data Science, Audit