Cannabis Creative Digital Media
3D Animation
Location: Los Angeles, CA, United States
School: LCC London
Major: 3D Animation

Cannabis Creative Digital Media



Pursuing employment in a cannabis related company for a social media/content creation role. I want to work closely with a creative team producing captivating, high quality content for targeted audiences.

Advanced level of knowledge in a wide range of cannabis related topics and culture. Ability to develop an idea to screen with technical and creative skills needed for every stage of video production. Behavioural hacking mindset with respect to social networking and digital media distribution. High level of attention to detail whilst maintaining the appropriate pace when meeting deadlines.

● Adobe Photoshop
● Adobe Illustrator
● 3ds Max
● Final Cut Pro


Senior Grow Technician • Medicine Man - Denver, CO United States From 05-01-2015 To 11-02-2017

● All stages of plant production in a 40,000 square foot cultivation facility.
● 15,000 + plants at any time within a team of 10 - 12 people.
● Average 900 lb + dry weight harvested each year.
● ~ 3 lb average per light in both coco coir and peat moss substrates.
● Consistent clone success rate of 95%+ cutting on average 300 per hour.
● Advanced knowledge of defoliation, pruning and low stress techniques.
● Knowledge of common cannabis pest, pathogen & disease issues.
● Experienced in pesticide/fungicide application using various products.
● Experienced in nutrient mixing and testing variables/salt ratios.
● In-depth understanding of plant biology and nutrient requirements.
● Collaborated with company Three a light to test various methods.
● Understanding of Integrated Pest Management procedures.
● In-depth knowledge of industry regulations and standards.
● Trimming and dry/cure experience.
● Experienced team leader/senior grower.

Quality Assurance/Content Design - N3V Games - Gold Coast, Australia
From 06-01-12 To 08-05-15

● Produced assets for online store ( ------------ )
● Adobe After Effects
● Modelled/texture mapped 3D assets for several games.
● Produced newsletter assets amongst other promotional content.
● Management of game titles and web graphics with Amazon Magento.
● Built test plans for games and DLC products on various devices/OS
● Carried out white box testing over most platforms.
● Collaborated closely with lead programmer to identify and fix bugs.
● Provided first level technical support to Trainz Simulator community.

Video Production/Marketing/Content Management• - London From 06-01-2009 To 05-01-2012
● Designed/wrote monthly mailshot (sent out to over 20,000 clients).
● Management of advertising campaigns and social network giveaways.
● Attended hotel industry trade shows and assisted with operations.
● Organised location film permissions with city councils across Europe.
● Created content for Hotels.TV website and online video channels.
● Created monthly analytical data.
● Conducted client remote training on Hotels.TV extranet.
● Implemented SEO techniques.
● WordPress site/content management.
● All stages of video production including:
○ Storyboarding
○ Scripting
○ Filming
○ Voice-over recording
○ Editing
○ Sound
○ 3D/2D graphics
○ Distribution/marketing

Associate of arts in 3D Modelling/Animation • 2012 • LCC, London UK Certificate 2 in Electrotechnology • 2009 • QLD TAFE, Gold Coast, AU Associate of arts in Musical Production • 2007 • SAE, Byron Bay, AU
High School Diploma • 2004 • The Southport School (TSS), Gold Coast, AU

● Other employment includes:
○ Creator and project manager for hotel app Villa Valet
○ Air-conditioning installer 2008 - 2009
○ Delivery driver 2007 - 2008
○ Kitchen Hand/Cook (Uncle Tony’s Kebabs) 2004 - 2006
○ Target outlet worker 2002 - 2004
● Official videographer for Beaujolais Run 2010 and 2011.
● Filmed Nigel Mansell interview for BBC (broadcasted throughout the UK)
● NIDA screenwriting short course completion.
● Operate YouTube channel Learning Cannabis since 2016, which uploads
content monthly. Subscriptions are currently over 2K .
● Instagram @learningcannabis currently at 21.6K followers.
● Own and operate:
○ Canon XHA1s with wide angle and macro lens.
○ Professional tripod.
○ Nikon D300 with variety of lenses.
○ Microphones.
○ Several computers (PC and Mac) for editing.

cannabis, content creation, marketing, social media, youtube, videographer, editing, production