Software Engineering Intern
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Location: Dallas, TX, United States
School: The University of Texas at Dallas
Major: Computer Science

Software Engineering Intern

To obtain a challenging Co-op/Internship in Computer Science for Fall 2017.
Master of Science in Computer Science [GPA: 3.44/4.0]
The University of Texas at Dallas, Richardson, TX Expected: May 2018
Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science [GPA: 3.58/4.0]
Galgotias University, Greater Noida, INDIA May 2016
Software Engineering Intern, Prizmix-LLC, Dallas, TX June 2017 - Present
• Developed a Full Stack Web Application in MVC for Behavioral Health Management System while employing Agile
Software Development Methodology of Scrum and Pair Programming.
• Integrated Azure AD Graph API into the application to provide efficient and user-friendly Business to Customer (B2C)
services for User Management
• Technologies Used: ------------ (Framework 4.5), MVC, Visual Studio, Microsoft Azure, C#, JavaScript, JQuery, React JS,
HTML, CSS, and SQL Server 2016, Graph API
Software Developer Intern, Siemens Ltd, Gurgaon, India Summer 2015
• Developed an Automation tool for a Thermal Power Project in Java and MySQL to manage Typical Signal Connections
Database Engine (using Java, B+ Tree Data Structure) Mar-Apr 2017
• Implemented a database engine in Java, based on MySQL's InnoDB, implementing Paging using B+ Tree data structure
for physical storage. Commands Supported: DDL (Show, Create, Drop), DML (Insert Into, Delete From, Update), VDL
(Select-From-Where, Exit)
Library Management System (Full Stack Web Application) March 2017
• Technology: MySQL, J2EE, Java, JSP, JSON, RESTful API, JavaScript, HTML 5, CSS 3, Agile Development, Eclipse
• Employed EER diagrams and Normalization techniques to design backend SQL database Schema and efficient SQL
queries for a web application implementing a Library Management System to be used by a librarian
Online Bidding System (Full Stack Web Application) Oct-Dec 2016
• Technology: J2EE, JSON, REST Services, JavaScript, JQuery, HTML 5, CSS, MySQL, Gzip, Memcached, Pair Programming
• Designed and implemented a responsive and scalable E-Commerce web application in MVC based on the client-server
model to provide a convenient and speedy way of selling and bidding for goods.
Printing a Paragraph Neatly Algorithm (Word Wrap) Oct-Nov 2016
• Implemented a Dynamic Programming algorithm in Java to Justify a paragraph while placing line breaks and spaces in the
given sequence of words and output a neatly formatted paragraph.
Handwritten Digits Recognition- Machine Learning Classification Models Oct-Nov 2016
• Technology: R, Python, ML libraries
• Applied Machine learning techniques (Random Forest, Bagging with SVM, Boosting) and did predicted analysis of hand-
written digits (0-9) on the Digit Recognizer MNIST dataset while achieving 96.6% classification accuracy
Machine Learning Algorithm- ID3 Decision Tree Classification Model Sep 2016
• Technology: Java, Eclipse
• Implemented ID 3 algorithm to create a Decision Tree classification model using Information Gain of attributes to predict
data while enhancing decision-making process by effective feature selection and inductive inference
Mitigation of Transport Problems using Quick Goods Delivery Jan–Apr 2016
• Technology: C#, ------------ (Framework 4.0), JavaScript, JQuery, HTML, CSS, SQL SERVER 2014
• Developed a web application to provide facilities of Instant Pick-up and Delivery of goods, renting out of self-owned cars,
and mapping registered drivers to available cars for home pick-up
• Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Object Oriented Analysis and Design, Web Programming, Database Design,
• Statistics for Data Science, Big Data Management and Analytics, Machine Learning
Languages : Java, C# , PHP, SQL, R, Scala, PySpark
Web Technologies : J2EE, ------------, MVC, JSP, Servlet, Web Services (REST, SOAP, WSDL), JavaScript, JQuery, React JS,
HTML5, CSS3, JSON, XML, XPath, Tomcat, Web API, Graph API, B2C, Maven, Jersey, Bootstrap
Databases and Tools
Operating System
: MySQL, MS SQL-Server 2016, Hadoop, MS Access, Eclipse, MS Visual Studio, R-Studio, MS Excel
: Windows (XP, 7, 8, 10), Linux, Android

Languages : Java, C# , PHP, SQL, R, Scala, PySpark Web Technologies : J2EE, Asp.Net, MVC, JSP, Servl