Entrepreneurial Student
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Location: Austin, TX, United States
School: The University of Texas At Austin McCombs School of Business
Field of Study: Supply Chain Management

Entrepreneurial Student

I have experience in many fields of business that have refined my view and performance in the field of logistics. I have had the opportunity to work in almost every field of my family’s international companies (dairy product factories, supermarket chains, and commercial real estate) and my own “pop-up” businesses.
I am a current student at The University of Texas at Austin McCombs School of Business, and I am graduating with a Bachelor’s of Business Administration, Supply Chain Management in December 2018. Ever since I was six years old, I have been involved in the food industry from its lowest ranks to some of its highest. I have had the freedom to jump from position to position to fully grasp the companies’ systems. I believe that in order to be great in one field, one must have knowledge of the rest of fields in a company to fully understand the effects a decision can have on the rest. I have also strayed from these industries. I have come up with my own seasonal businesses. I started out by reselling beauty products on high demand, selling flower arrangements for Mother’s Day, and providing makeup services.
Apart from work experience, I have had the opportunity to travel around the world and adapt to environments of diversity successfully. Every time we take a family trip, we place an emphasis on interacting with cultures and religions of the area. I was brought up with the ideal that we must live in harmony with humanity, and to achieve that, I must be educated in global cultures and religions. I have also attended summer schools around the world to study languages, and in these, I have had the unique experience of networking with not two or three cultures but tens of them all together in each program.