Developer, Programmer and Designer
Digital Media Innovation and Computer Science
Location: San Marcos, TX, USA
School: Texas State University
Major: Digital Media Innovation and Computer Science

Developer, Programmer and Designer

My educational background in digital media innovation and minor in computer science has prepared me well for the responsibilities of a web developer or programmer. I have a strong passion for coding and developing website as well as computer programming and designing. I was previously a web development intern for Coiski where I used all HTML, CSS, JavaScript, CMS, coding and developing skills to help create and maintain the best sites for Coiski’s clients. I’ve also developed and created multiple websites for various projects, iOS applications, C++ software programs and am proficient in responsive design, media queries and user experience. I know how to communicate and am determined to complete any goal put in front of me. I’m also highly knowledgeable about user experience and having an online digital presence. Having a huge passion for technology, I’m eager to contribute my creativity and up-to- date skills to help generate the most innovative plans and ideas for your team. I would welcome the opportunity to further discuss the position with you. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an interview, please contact me anytime by phone at------------ or by e-mail at ------------. Also, feel free to checkout my website at ------------ for more information about me.

Developer, Programmer, Designer