Hannah Schrader, My Resume
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Location: Newnan, GA, USA
School: University of West Georgia
Major: Psychology, Criminology

Hannah Schrader, My Resume

I am currently a senior at the University of West Georgia. I am studying both Psychology and Criminology. I have plans on attending graduate school in the fall of 2018. Although I have had no prior work experience, I am a hard worker and have knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, IOS Pages, IOS Numbers, etc.
• Strong writing skills • Leadership skills, not afraid to • Knowledge of Microsoft Office divide a workload and keep a
and iOS counterparts group on track
• Knowledge of research • Experience with organizing and
methodology filing various records

Although I have not had a paying job, I volunteered briefly at the Ansley Park Heath and Rehabilitation Center in Newnan, GA. I greeted and offered basic assistance to future patients and family, organized payroll documents and filed insurance documents.

University of West Georgia - Carrollton, GA, United States High School Diploma: Psychology and Criminology I was on the Dean's list for the 2014-2015 school year and was also a member of the Honors College. I currently have a 3.1 GPA and am graduating in May 2018, with a Bachelor's of Science in Psychology. I anticipate becoming a member of the Psychology Student Association. I have taken courses in German, social psychology, and cultural psychology.

• Psychology Student Association (PSA) • Honors College • National Honor Society

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