IT support technician
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Location: Kempton Park, Gauteng, South Africa
School: university of South Africa
Major: IT diploma

IT support technician

Surname: Makambi
Name: Mthunzi
I.D. number: ------------082

Home Language: isiXhosa
Other Languages: English, isiZulu (speak, read and write)
Driving License: Code 10
Name of school: Mount Frere Secondary school
Year obtained: 2010
Highest grade passed: Grade 12
Subjects: English, isiXhosa, Agricultural Sciences, Life Orientation, Physical Sciences,
Life Sciences, Mathematics
Name of institution: Central Johannesburg College
Year obtained: 2012
Course: Information Technology Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)
Certificates: International Computer Driving License (ICDL)
I.T. Essentials: PC Hardware and software
CCNA Discovery: networking for home and small businesses
CCNA Discovery: working at a small-to-medium business or ISP
CCNA Discovery: introducing routing and switching in the enterprise
CCNA Discovery: designing an supporting computer networks
Other qualification
Name of institution: Hallmark Technologies (Learnership)
Year obtained: 2014
Qualification: System Support-NQF level 5 (Sever 2008)
Active Directory
Current studies
Name of institution: University of South Africa
Year started: June 2015
Course: Diploma in Information Technology
Status: Second level student

Company: Gauteng E.M.S (Control center/Call center)
Position: ICT intern (System, network, and desktop support)
Duration: From June 2014 to May 2016
 CITRIX support (BAS, PERSL and SAP configuring and troubleshooting)
 VoIP Telephone configuration (assigning IP addresses)
 Emergency service call center application/GEMC3 support (adding, configuring ambulances troubleshooting, and activating/deactivating employees accounts on the database)
 Network support (troubleshooting network related problems like: Patching switch ports to patch panels, IP address conflicts, crimping RJ45 network cables and replacing them)
 System support (migrating users from EXT domain to Gauteng domain on an active directory, configuring and troubleshooting outlook emails)
 Helpdesk support ( troubleshooting over telephone calls)
 Technical support (troubleshooting power related problems, replacing faulty peripheral-devices like mousses, keyboards, monitors and computer towers)
 Hardware support (slaving faulty hard-drives to backup information, troubleshooting and replacing computer RAM, CPU, and hard-drives)
 Logging calls on health service desk, which is accessed through the internet
 Internet support
 Ghosting new call center computers or computers that have had their hard drives replaced

Other duties:
During the paramedic’s strike that was in Gauteng EMS in October 2014 which lasted for a week I was helping in the paramedics call center. Even though I was an ICT intern I managed to work as a paramedic call center agent. I was never trained to work in a call center and because of the sudden strike I had to use my fast learning skills to provide the help that was needed.
There I was taking calls from different clinics and hospitals, the calls were about transporting patients between clinics and hospitals or different hospitals based on their state of health. The information that the callers provide is very important because the type of ambulances to be dispatched depend on that information, accuracy is essential.
Current Employment:
Company: SA Tool (PTY) Ltd
Position: IT support technician
Duration: From June 2016 to June 2017
Reason for leaving: Career growth
End user support (Password reset, Creating new user accounts, Kerridge partition status, hardware support)
Email support and mimecast management (email password reset, creating new email addresses, running reports from mimecast)
Server telecoms and communication maintenance (ECN, Telkom, switchboard connection)
Server administration and maintenance (server 2008 R2)
Kerridge K8 administration (SA Tool ERP)
Printer management (making sure all printers are working and toner is always available)
Network administration and fault resolution (network connectivity, IP addresses assignment, patching network ports)
PABX (mitel) administration and configuration (making sure mitel and ECN are always working, configuring and deploying phones, voicemail recording)
Running reports
Backups (testing backups)
Active directory administration
CCTV and alarm administration

Strengths willing to succeed even if it means extra effort;
Possess leadership qualities and can work well with other people;
Disciplined, assertive and not easily intimidated;
Ability to communicate well;
Possess good problem solving skills.

Initials and names Position Contact numbers
Mr. Pat Kearns Director at SA Tool (PTY) Ltd------------
Ms. Mpho Setshedi I.T. manager at Gauteng EMS------------
Ms. Mashudu Mulaudzi I.T. Technician at Gauteng EMS ------------